College of universal slavery

November 20, 2011 1:46

Now the few researchers who study paranormal phenomena, recalls the events of 1953, which took place in the U.S. and the UK. These events (the protagonists of which were U.S. Air Force base technician White Sands Daniel Fry and London taxi driver George King) were the first documented evidence that a world parallel to ours exists.

 In 1953, on both sides of the Atlantic to the American and British newspapers carried an interview with Daniel Fry and George King, most readers show pure fiction. Among those to whom it may seem, was then unknown novice researcher John Keel. He, do not be lazy to compare the content of the interview, he came to the conclusion that they are identical, even some in the minor details.

In the book "Shadow ufology" researcher, for example, writes: "According to Fry and King, we have what both of them on a deserted road at his feet slipped fell from the night sky, pouring fluorescent light baseballs. Balls, darkened, without ceasing to be unbearably hot, swollen to the size of dirigibles, illuminating spaces to the horizon bright light pulsating glow. "

What followed is what literature is full of the "flying saucers." The only significant difference is that the UFO pilots Fry and King seemed quite ordinary friendly guys who proposed fly over the ocean, to ensure that the charter there and back takes on the strength of an hour. Kiel, noting that the American and the English, in their judgment, took a flight on airships with a relatively old — 20's and 30's — snap, says that the time for passengers stretched like rubber.

In addition to the waves seen the new city for themselves. Did land on the people filled the streets and squares, clinging anchors for the trees. Since Fry, King and airship pilots "wandering among the people invisible, as if transparent," Keel suggests that the flight actually was not. They showed a stereoscopic three-dimensional. For what purpose?

"I was introduced to Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, — confessed in an interview with Daniel Fry, held a couple of hours after the first" contact ". All anything. Yes, that's George King, with whom he could not enter into an agreement, because there was a sign in the first interview after the incident, has no doubt that "enjoyed conversations with Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha."

"Cat and mouse"

The fact that Daniel Fry and George King were elected representatives, intended for the promotion of a joint program for the manipulation of consciousness, scientific bodies running the UK and U.S. intelligence services, was opened by accident in 1993, when the German archivists intelligence, learning biased documentary heritage colleagues defunct GDR viewed folder containing reports of agents acting in America. Reports related to the project "Cat and Mouse", in which, with the help of pharmacology, hypnosis, microwave radiation forcing people to see things that are not taught those "exposed processing" technology the ability to see other people's eyes.

Simulating an alien invasion, Operation "Cat and Mouse", not waiting for that, caught in the epicenter of the project entertained on other planets. Of the "College of universal wisdom." Assuming that this is the case, and the arguments we present an expert, a former employee of the FBI, under the pseudonym Art Melgerberg, last year published the bestseller "Without the right to lie."

"This crime — says former FBI agent — but the first violin in the orchestra played the crap drug LSD — a drug manufactured from lysergic acid. Savage drug, which can not be out of the habit. The drug, which in combination with the impact of powerful electromagnetic radiation and extremely low frequency microwave mentality makes plasticine, pliable to any suggestions. "

Did Daniel Fry and George King, that they are under the hood of special services, and not in contact with what is not aliens, but only with their own fevered mind? Art Melgerberg categorically rule it sounded like a sentence with the phrase: "Naive, so they remained until his death in illusions. On the one hand, space fantasy imitating American and British scientists. On the other hand, the uniqueness of the educational mission of the universal simulated real aliens. Newcomers especially excelled in the production of various plays, until the gravitational collapse and the end of the world.

Flying head

April 1961 to Fry's, for that matter, and for the King, too, was a turning point, because at this point they have earned millions of public speaking in front of the gullible public. Concerned noble purpose utilization of nuclear weapons, the closure of polluting industries, they called to put a taboo on orbital flights terrestrial technology. If on the danger of military and civilian atomic carcinogenic chemicals Comments are not required, the development of what threatens humanity near and outer space? Such questions asked Fry in the U.S., King of England, students lectures. Answers sounded identical, as if read from the tape, "Every missile launch, breaking into the stratosphere, and then into space, damage to the ozone layer. When this layer is destroyed, all life on the planet will be the end "- predicted Frye and King.

Melgerberg art, emphasizing the fact that the lecturers to missionaries, "hooked on needle intelligence" genuinely seemed like they elect, resident humanitarian space civilizations, also stresses another. In the consciousness of Fry and King took root portions that they should speak in public. Why, I wonder? It turns out that in order to realize the goal — to start an irreversible chain reaction of public opinion by redrawing the public consciousness.

Carrying nonsense Frye and King were just a catalyst "needed" chain reaction. Art Melgerberg no doubt that the project "cat and mouse" in the long term will give the military, political regimes in the global flow is controlled by the collective consciousness, when the "erased the concept of personality, is replaced by the phenomenon of the herd."

But what's the aliens, allegedly connected to the project on mental debilitation earthlings? Melgerberg, arguing declassified documents, convinced that aliens or unknown nature beings pretending to be them, provoking project "Cat and Mouse", first zombie its American and British curators. Who, having undergone a mutation personality, "enthusiastically clutching duties replication morons — slaves for" guys with plates, anxious exhaustion of the Earth its raw materials, biological, technological resources. "

The guys from the plates, not wanting to seem monsters, April 12, the day of a breakthrough in space, Gagarin Fry in Lavonti and King in Cambridge, three hours before the flight of Soviet cosmonaut showed no less than forty of his photographic images in flight.


Art Milgerberg The book provides dozens of facts that leave no doubt that the NATO military bloc has long worked with some aggressive branch of an alien civilization, settled near — on the satellites of Jupiter, Mars, and our — the Moon. The ruling elite of the three islands of intelligence Solar System — said retired FBI agent — initiated the creation of universe, using chips implanted under the skin and digital labels in the retina, the government. Citizens who, after a few years, will get the unenviable fate of slaves, each step of which will be monitored, read thoughts, intentions come to light.

Worse than that — our civilization will become impersonal crowd control. Individuals, no matter how wise and perceptive not not notice violent "hacking the brain." Alien thoughts, hopes, impulses will consider their own. His most immoral option closes on the fact that the privilege of living without chips will control the rich, "toadies aliens" designed to decide the fate of the world.

Milgerberga letter addressed to the U.S. President and the Congress, no response. What, indeed silence gives consent to the arguments set out in the book? Very similar to that.

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