Commando: rioters Government House was not detained, because we need it

In partisan district court of Minsk continued criminal trial against the former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, who is accused of organizing mass riots in Minsk on December 19 last year, and four other protesters against the fraudulent presidential elections: Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Theodore and Vladimir Mirzayanava Eremenko, who are accused of involvement in the riots. Sannikov faces up to 15 years in prison, and the rest — to 8.

Courts for Square

In the courtroom questioned 8 of 29 special forces soldiers Minsk recognized as victims after the dispersal of an opposition demonstration on December 19 last year. For some reason, most of the affected commandos suddenly on April 26 went to leave in 2011. The Court considered this a valid reason to ignore their subpoenas and limited reading of the testimony at the preliminary investigation, written almost as a blueprint, saying that was on duty, came to the area and took part in the dispersal, received a blow from an unknown to the knee or shin, consult a doctor. No serious injuries are not said no one, no one accused of violent acts personally Andrei Sannikov or other china.

6 lawyers are actively questioning the victims of police details of their service on December 19. 8 special forces who were on the course, kept silent on questions about his role in the beating of demonstrators. But all said they had not seen the square pieces of rebar, cans of flammable liquid, which later investigators allegedly found there.

Fedor Mirzayanav

Vigorously defended at the trial Fedor Mirzayanav. He asked the victim SWAT Dmitry Skorokhoda"Why do you not detain those people who broke windows at the Government House? He said," There is a certain tactic. So it was necessary. "

Politician Yuri Khadika was very impressed by the performances of the defeated militia:

"Struck by the fact that as soon as they gave testimony indictment, immediately began to grow in the service. Until December, he held a post in February, testified as a victim against those arrested, and in April was promoted … From those experiences that cause genuine excitement — this is a very jaded view of Andrei Sannikov. "

Andrei Sannikov

Andrei Sannikov today at the trial almost did not act. Just remember that if the commando Lushchik said an unknown hit him in the buttocks, after which he served four days in the hospital and unable to walk, Mr. Sannikov said that he had no questions to Lushchik, and there is regret.

Lucyna Belzatskaya

Mother-in-law of Andrei Sannikov Lucyna Belzatskaya says that a just verdict is not waiting:

"To pretend that everything is going in the right objective. But if the verdict will be, it will be like Bondarenko … What will the biggest boss that will be."

Lucyna Belzatskaya says that the wife of Andrei Sannikov Khalip, which remains under house arrest for Square yesterday for the first time in four months has seen on television, "Euronews" of her husband — in the court cell. Their three year old son Danica still say that my father on a business trip.

Mother accused of Fedor Mirzayanava Ludmila happy with how bravely and confidently looked at the process of her son. But for a just verdict and it does not expect to:

Ilya V. asked the court for a white shirt. In the white, you know, once went to their deaths …

"I do not believe in the fairness of the trial, the husband does not believe all the relatives did not believe, because all the old courts were not courts and tribunal. Simply implemented the concept, descended from above — to prove that there was a coup attempt. Really it was a peaceful demonstration" .

Lyudmila Mirzayanava says that saw a lot of contradictions in the testimony of today's Special Forces soldiers, as well as nezatsikavlenasts court to find out what the police did on December 19.

Ilya Vasilevich

Lyudmila Mirzayanava said that she saw in court that the defendants emaciated, exhausted — from the poor conditions in the prison and injustice:

"Ilya Vasilevich asked the court for a white shirt. In the white, you know, once went to their deaths … Just concluded a month given the opportunity to transfer to 30 pounds. These 30 kg were used, one gram remained. The veil shirt 200 grams. We walked all the authorities in the detention center on Volodarskogo with his sister, and this was not a white shirt. "

In the dock:

The former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov,
Ilya Vasilevich,
Oleg Hnedchyk,
Fedor Mirzayanav,
Vladimir Eremenok


Sannikov — Varvashevich and Kovalevskaya
Vasiljevic — White,
Mirzayanava — Galiev
Hnedchyk — Ivanov.

The case examines Judge Natalia Chatsvertakova.

The state prosecutor — Zagorski.

Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym and Eremenko

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