Contact and distant healing

Healing was popular in many times, as it covers a sufficiently large group of different magic disciplines.

Healing is one of the most ancient sciences of magic, appeared before our era, when people first learned to heal their wounds and special herbal decoctions, and later, when the first magicians discovered their ability to manage their energy for the healing of the body and spirit.

Up to now has healing came in a different form, so now, when we hear the word "healer", we first assume that this man is not only masterful magic of healing, but also has the knowledge of potions, alchemy, Herbology, disassembled Only in bioenergetics, knows the structure of the body, knowing the normal anatomy, physiology and pathological anatomy and physiology of the physical body and energy bodies 6.

Healing is divided into two sections:
1. Contact healing.
2. Distant healing.

Contact Healing

Contact Healing — Healing is, actions which involve direct contact with the area, subject to cure. Such healing can include all types of healing, even not connected with the ability of healing, such as healing potions, spells, amulets, drawing, based on the runes, or the use of other symbolic magic. For example, the character of the "Great Mystery" — the Aramaic language, and more.
Whichever way you do not get, the main feature of the contact healing is that during treatment you are working directly with the wound stranger, and not with your energy, directing it to heal.
You often come across this way in life, but sometimes they do not realize that it can relate to healing. Infusion of cough Potions lesson, use of a mineral in practice in order to soothe a headache or other minor problems, the use of runes, for example, the same rune Uruz to restore power expended in the campaign — all this can be called a part of the contact healing. Despite the fact that all this is part of the other branches of magic.
I hope you understand now how much information needs to know modern healer, if he is truly worthy of this title.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing — Healing is, when you are working directly with your energy, controlling, directing it to the healing of the object, whether it damaged the physical body, or any of the six energy bodies.
Healing in this type of healing is precisely because of the energy. It can be a self-energy magician, and can be a source taken from any single creature.

For example, some healers use to recharge their energy trees or the environment, some have special artifacts, storing in energy reserves in case of emergency, if its not enough to heal.
Not so important where the healer takes energy. More importantly, will this kind of energy, when he missed it by yourself …

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