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We live in a fascinating era, the era of the last mysteries. A little more — and they all will be revealed, and will not be new. It will be found, "snowman", caught in alcohol and put on public display mysterious sea creatures. Finally find the remains of Atlantis somewhere on the ocean floor. Explain the phenomenon of telepathy, and the Bermuda Triangle. And then will come a horrible day for the people when nothing mysterious esteem will be impossible.

UFOs are among the amazing phenomena that the more we observe, the less you know. Seeing a drop of water, a philosopher can infer the presence of the ocean. It was only after learning about the properties of a UFO, he might have said about their origin. Try to understand the already known.

Cases of UFO sightings described a thousand. Interesting properties of these objects. Often observed glow coming off of them and acting on their own. Travel speed seems instantaneous, and their ability to suddenly appear and disappear at any moment, anywhere, is striking. They move in the atmosphere, not paying any attention to the air, as if it does not exist. Even the terra firma and water are not an obstacle for them. How many amazing collected in one site! Repeatedly witnesses seemed to … read their thoughts. There are cases where some people have seen UFOs, and others that are close, looked into the void, as if someone had lowered the curtain in front of them.

It seems there is no human power to solve this mystery. However, if we apply to the problem of UFOs comprehensive approach, that is, to address the problem in conjunction with other prominent events, the veil of mystery from it will pull off. The conclusions derived from the use of this method proved to be more stunning than the phenomenon of UFOs. Moreover, the UFO may be only a part, albeit an amazing, global, and yet hidden from the human process. To uncover the mystery UFO try to start to group the facts from the past of mankind.

Myths about the "huge air ships silver" emerged among the North American Indians. They have details strikingly similar to descriptions of UFOs. Here's an alien ship "sailed from the sky big wheel. According to the edges of the dazzling flames were burning, and on his shield shining star." Beings who came from another star system, were able to fly at high speed on their home planet. In the Peruvian myths say about the heavenly origin of the people. They say that the first metal fell from the sky eggs that, once on the ground, open, and people are hatched. While studying myths, we can draw interesting conclusions about the behavior of gods and even learn their names.

The Chronicles of many countries of the world have kept many descriptions of airships. For example, in Indian literature there are descriptions of "heaven and air carts" with extraordinary maneuverability. However, in the ancient Tibetan books. In the history of Rome in 218 BC: "Near Faesty appeared in the sky incandescent lamp near A at the sky floating disc". "In the year 22, in the third month of winter, at six o'clock in the afternoon saw the clerks House of Life, which comes down from heaven circle of fire …" This post three and a half thousand years. It is left in the chronicles of the pharaoh Thutmose III.

Our ancestors sometimes showed a surprising awareness of events in space. The Dogon, a small agricultural people in Africa for many centuries, shared by all the heavenly bodies at the stars, planets and moons, they know that the universe is infinite, but it is measurable and is inhabited, it was known that Sirius B — "the smallest and most difficult of all the stars. " In Georgia, holds a copy of the document in 1564. He says that about Mars has another star, said its orbit — 24,000 miles, almost coinciding with the current satellite orbit of Mars.

Incredible knowledge is found in ancient in technology. Thus, in the beginning of the century German archaeologist Koenig in one of the hills near Baghdad found the remains of the subject, which he called an electric battery. Later, an American archaeological expedition on the banks of the Tigris in the ancient city of Seleucia found something similar. Experts have suggested that the Sumerian goldsmiths knew electrolysis.

In the Japanese city of Kamakura Great Buddha statue has a height of 13.5 meters, molded in the XII century of seven separate parts. Clearly visible welds connecting the parts to the whole. Electric welding in the Middle Ages! Is this possible? Obviously, this technology could not be accidentally guessed pristine.

Described miracles should not be taken as the work of some highly inotsivilieatsii. Of course, working earthly masters. Perhaps it is only the transfer of knowledge in an accessible form. The facts of this kind can cause many more. All they show unusual knowledge of the people of the past, about the phenomena and disasters that can not be explained by earthly causes. If you take every mysterious phenomenon of the past alone, that's a stretch, and they can be explained purely terrestrial causes (at least an element of randomness). However, collected, they give a new quality, namely the hypothesis of constant lookout for terrestrials from alien civilization.

All the strangeness of UFO sightings in the past are paleocontacts, but here we must bear in mind one subtlety. At present, the word "paleocontacts" given the value of something unlikely, short-term. But you can assume that the observation of earthlings, nurturing them, similar to how we look after the children in kindergartens, being thousands of years. Of course, at different times of the training took place in different ways: BC — in the form of direct instruction, 2000 years ago — the suggestion of new ideas, but these days — in the form of a highly directional transmission of thought. Appearing in the past before the earthlings powerful aliens, of course, seemed to them by the gods. So, the past is full of secrets that are explained and the only natural cause — by aliens. Looking around all areas of the country in which there were esoteric knowledge immediately notice two things. First, knowledge of these are accurate, deep (depth of some of them exceeds the level of science of the twentieth century) and transferred to earthlings in finished form. Second, they apply only to those areas of human activity, which can not do any harm (medicine, astronomy, jewelry, architecture, etc.) This means that they are given humane beings, with a high level of ethical thinking. On this basis, we can conclude that more than 10,000 years ago, a highly developed alien civilization, carrying out a systematic exploration of outer space, the Earth has found and established her observation, continuing to the present day.

Why do not assume that is often observed in the past and present of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena — are examples of the appearance of alien ships and manifestations of extraterrestrial intelligence. After all, a significant number of planets in the cosmos in general and in particular in our galaxy provide a basis idea plurality of inhabited worlds.

What stands alone vashkskaya find. In the summer of 1976 on the banks of the river Vashka found a chip the size of a fist, cast in white. Worth to spend a little on it with a hacksaw, a blade teeth from flying a jet of white fire. The research results amazed scientists. Alloy helpful artificial origin and consisted of rare earth elements: lanthanum, neodymium, and others. On Earth, these elements in such a combination does not occur. Chip, in the initial form, is a part of the workpiece to form a ring, a cylinder or sphere having a diameter of 1.2 meters was manufactured by powder metallurgy, and the smallest particles of the powder composed of only a few atoms. On Earth, there is no equipment capable of extruding the details of this size with the pressure of tens of thousands of atmospheres. But something strange. The isotopic composition of the alloy with two decimal places coincides with the earth, therefore, it was made on Earth, and, judging from the decay products, age not more than 30 years. According to one theory put forward by scientists, alloy designed for magnetic cooling to near absolute zero. As for its construction shall be used fantastically strong magnetic fields, while unattainable. All this suggests that vashkskaya finding is part of the mechanism of UFOs, made on Earth.

Activities in outer space aliens are sometimes observed by astronomers. In this case, they admit that the phenomenon explained by natural causes is not possible. So it was, for example, a comet Rent-Roland. This is the first comet with two tails, one of which was narrow in the direction of the sun. He appeared and disappeared suddenly. It seemed like someone just turned on and turned off the jet engine. But that's not all. Neutral comet tail shape was unusual. To somehow combine observational data with the theory of comet tails, had assumed that the speed of flowing particles greater than 3,000 meters per second, and this requires the presence of a jet engine. But the events and it does not run out. In addition to the paradoxical tails, astronomers radio emission in the tail of the comet at a considerable distance from the head. The radiation source was moving in the direction of the sun. A month later, in Belgium found another radio signal from a comet, but on a different frequency, the intensity of his daily prevailed, and peaked just before the advent of the second highly directional tail.

Cometary wonders just this guest did not end there. In 1926, there was a comet that turned his tail in space, and that it is impossible to have changed the flight path. Why is it necessary to aliens? After all, they had moved in space and land on any celestial bodies. In the book of Daniel and J. Burdakova "Rockets of the Future" suggests that these comets — inotsivilizatsy messengers such as earth, was just beginning to explore outer space and the use of a comet to study nearby stars.

Another fact. November 12, 1976 radio station "Mayak" conveyed a message that the planet Uranus made 6 of radio signals with a duration of 3 minutes. After 10 years, 24 January 1986, the research station "Voyager 2" flew low over Uranus and transmitted to Earth more than 80 color photos. Uranus was 15 satellites. The strangest of them — Umbriel diameter of 1200 kilometers. Its surface is not visible traces of collisions with meteorites. On the drive gray noticeably brighter mysterious ring. In our solar system, there is not a single satellite, from the crumbs of Phobos and Deimos, and ending with a huge moon, the face of which would not be dotted with volcanoes, or signs of falling meteorites. It reminds one idea that Umbriel — very young companion, and it's alarming.

In the above-mentioned book, "Rockets of the future" are a few types of possible future missile designs. Two of them are designed for interstellar travel. Both use the interstellar gas as fuel, the second works with the use of the annihilation reaction, that is, the connection with the matter antimatter. The calculations presented in this book demonstrate the theoretical possibility of such ships after the decision of some scientific and engineering problems. However, one line from the book, puts downright murderous ban on these starships. Here it is: "The age of the knowledge and skills of the crew shall ensure the return of over 60-70 years of missile-time for at least three zvezdoplavateley. According earthly bounds this time would correspond to tens of thousands of years because of the effects predicted by the theory of relativity." Despite the bitterness of this conclusion, despite the deadlock situation, the book ends with the optimistic words: "Following the photonic and gravitational missiles may appear aircraft, changing the space and allow you to navigate faster than light."

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