Course into a new orbit

Russia's largest producer of television equipment General Satellite entered into an agreement with the Cambodian Royal Group Companies. Together, the companies will engage in the creation and promotion of a pay-TV operator One TV. Interests and investment were not disclosed.

Experts estimate similar projects in the 15-20 million dollars. According to the president and principal shareholder of General Satellite Andrey Tkachenko, the Russian side will take on most of the financial support, and for Cambodians — a broadcasting license.

In the future, General Satellite willing to sell up to 20% of the asset to recover capital investments. To gain a foothold in the international market — a strategic task for the Russian company.

Such projects General Satellite is also preparing to Sri Lanka, Malaysia and South-East Africa. In addition, in the spring of next year in Pakistan, the company plans to launch satellite TV in an "NTV Plus". As a promising area is considered, and Ukraine, where the pay-TV market in fact.

In the meantime, General Satellite plans to increase revenues through the services that will be implemented through the Russian operator "Tricolor TV". We are talking about functions such as deferred viewing and Pause Live TV. The amount of additional revenue is estimated at a minimum of $ 10 million per month.

It should be noted that the General Satellite is a major supplier to the National Satellite Company, which operates under the brand name "Tricolor TV". However, this partnership may not be confined to the supply. Market participants are interviewed by the newspaper "Kommersant", do not rule out that the General Satellite is the co-owner of "Tricolor TV".

In mid-July FAS approved the request of an unnamed individual to purchase 50% of the national satellite company. As a result, the share of such person in the operator uveichitsya to 87.5%.

The news was prepared on the television newscasts "Expert-TV."

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