Court conveyor: affected the police — the same

In October district court on April 27 began the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the truth!" Pavel Vinogradov, Ales Kirkevich to Young, a member of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov, Dmitri Drozd, the so-called "earphone" Vladimir and Andrei Homichenko Protasenya that has not been to any party or movement. On the first day the court heard all five of the accused and the victim videaaperatara Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee.

Everyone who closely follows the court, notice the complete lack of logic in what criteria formed the group of people in the process. Deputy Chairman of the registered in the Czech Republic "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko says:

"It is difficult to understand why the judge of the Young Kirkevich with Vinogradov to" Tell the Truth ", not Kirkevich with Eremenko, who could be together, and then they could be accused of group actions, as they are from the same organization. Combines the power of a very strange and witnesses, and victims. It is not a process we can ensure that victims have never even seen the accused, can not even agree in advance of their testimony. "

Actors did not know until now each other, met for the first time only in the courtroom. All five men are accused of involvement in the riots. Andrew Protasenya admitted guilt, Ales Kirkevich, Dmitri Drozd did not recognize. Vladimir Homichenko admitted that he was tipsy — for an evening drink 4 liters of beer and does not remember what part of the pipe was in his hands. Pavel Vinogradov in court all refused to testify, the judge was reading them from the case.

Pavel Vinogradov

A friend of Paul Svetlana Gorokhovik, who was present at the trial, expressed an opinion about the failure of Paul:

"I do not know, he did not explain to me in his letters. He wrote several times only to be to refuse to testify. Well, maybe because he does not want to admit his guilt in anything though. That is, in written testimony, he admitted that inflicted those blows. But maybe he does not want it to sound loud. And may not want to participate in this farce and answer the questions that he will ask the prosecutor. "

Even if the court room it will look pretty well, in any case, a verdict that will make this judgment, it will not be his sentence, not his conviction.

The representative of the "European Belarus" Maxim Vinyarski What about the first day of the court opined:

"In spite of what is now part of the court granted the motions (though not all), and the judge does not break gives the defendant to express what they believe — we know that the courts in this country no. Thus, even if the court room it will look pretty well, in any case, a verdict that will make this judgment, it is not his sentence, not his conviction. This will be the verdict that they dictate from above. "

At trial, the victim testified and videaaperatar police, who, as he put it, "recorded the unrest" in the camera. On his cell allegedly stabbed Dmitri Drozd. Videaaperatar Alexander Shilko, however, noticed that he was not the first, he did not last. Drozd apologized Shilko.

On Thursday, the court caused a dozen police officers injured. In the list of the same name that appeared on the courts Otroshchenkov, Novick, Molchanov, Bear Brevsa, Gaponava. The same affected due tomorrow and in the process Sannikov Mirzayanava, Hnedchyk, Vinogradov and Eremenko.



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