Creation of epidemics in the U.S.

To create a disease, and then get people to the treatment of these diseases, the medical mafia uses a large arsenal of psychological weapons, which is based on fear. Fear of infection, fear of infecting others, nedolechitsya fear, the fear of getting to charlatans and others. In America, the maintenance of the Institute of Fear also used money from taxes and health insurance. And the more people are afraid of, the less they think, analyze and compare the facts.

Here, for example, how the scheme of infectious diseases (H1N1, HIV, etc.). Created the myth of a terrible disease that can destroy millions of lives, and real drugs (not patented pharmaceutical mafia) then brutally repressed. To explain the nature of infectious diseases commonly used trumped-up theory of Pasteur and man into being the disease or viral infection. For their preventive vaccines are toxic and in an atmosphere of general fear and reverence before the traditional medicine, these vaccines are injected to anyone who could.

"In order to make the public overcame the dictatorship of science, it must finally realize his great strength … Traditionally, the power of medical science was based on the fear of disease, in particular to infectious diseases." Peter Dyuzberg "Creation of the AIDS virus"

"When Jenner discovered — although it's hard to name an entirely new — it's much easier to scare 100% idiots in the world (or the vast majority of people), for them to buy the vaccine than to treat that little group of people who become ill with smallpox and who will most likely not have money for treatment. It was an amazing discovery — worth thousands of millions. That's why such blackmail is still ongoing, "Walter Hadven, MD


First you need to come to power and begin to control the story, because then no one would understand the true causes of vaccinations and other procedures. Control of this is performed by medical, political and media monopoly. Doctors who do not support the pharmaceutical and medical mafia, simply called charlatans, lose their jobs, reputation, become social and political body or scapegoat (eg Dyuzberg). On such nonsense, we enter into the future in order to fit into the formula, by George Orwell: "Who controls the past — controls the future. He who controls the present — controls the past. "

A history of control by means of falsification of history itself, the prohibition of certain books and Wikipedia (the latter controlled by Soros and some Trevor Nielson, the head of Global Philanthropy Group, a consulting Bono, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, known for their pro-active antiretroviral activity -> Read more about This site Dr. Rath). As well, you might be interested in this article here (in English). Showing who controls the search engines and social media on the internet.

Imposition of convenient explanations for disease

In order to escalate the situation of fear and create a market for vaccines, pharmaceutical companies and well-known international companies use false theory of Pasteur that the bacteria — is an evil which must be disposed of using allopathic remedies. If the cornerstone was set more precise theory of Antoine Beshampa (which Pasteur lot splagiatil), that the same bacteria can be both useful and deadly for a variety of organisms and for the different states of the same organism , the world probably would have developed such a direction as proper nutrition. But in this situation the drug companies would simply go broke. In this scenario, we would have quickly figured out that the polio vaccine and autism is caused by Alzheimer's disease — an unhealthy diet and harmful use of dental materials, AIDS — antiretrovirals and drugs, cardiovascular disease — an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Hiding the real cures for infectious diseases

It is necessary to carefully hide treatments, as well as reasons of infectious diseases. People need to believe that the only way out is the traditional medicine prescribed by doctors and toxic drugs and vaccines. Fear of contracting an infectious disease must be stronger than the desire to check the composition of medicines and vaccines.

"In allopathic treatment of typhoid death rate from this disease was 59.2%, and with homeopathic treatment — only 9%" Julian Winston, a historian of homeopathy

Hiding the real causes of infectious diseases

All of the factors that contribute to the occurrence of infection and infectious diseases, such as malnutrition, poverty, polluted environment, unhealthy diet, drug use, lack of sunlight, etc., should be carefully concealed. This will give the green light to the pharmaceutical companies.

"Intensive research for over 12 years has convinced me that there is a link between diet and susceptibility to infections, not only about polio, but even with respect to the usual respiratory infections and tuberculosis, have convinced me that the human body can defend itself against infections eating properly. "Dr. Sandler, 1952, concluded that the high starch diet reduces the body's natural defenses

Hiding the real reasons for the disappearance of infectious diseases

Must all make believe that the only reason for the disappearance of infectious diseases that have led to epidemics in the past, is forced vaccination. And the fact that, for example, the incidence of measles has decreased by 99.4% before vaccination, scarlet fever was gone by itself, and smallpox was eradicated from the introduction of basic hygiene should be fully or partially hidden.

The widespread use of toxic therapy

Despite the fact that it found natural and homeopathic remedies for the treatment of smallpox (in which the death rate from this disease is not more than 2%), pharmaceutical companies have to apply toxic drugs (despite the fact that deaths from smallpox and the use of these pharmaceutical poisons equal 20%). That are successfully implemented in the past 300 years.

"The incident with pellagra in 1935 after millions of people have died of pellagra in twenty years, the U.S. Public Health Service finally decided to put an end to this disease. Service Director admitted that the full 20 years knew that pellagra is caused by a lack of niacin, but he did not take action in this direction, because most of the dying were from poor black people "

Exaggeration of the danger of infectious diseases and the manipulation of fear

Fear of the disease will put to try to think for themselves, 98% of the population of any country. To create fear, depending on the cultural, social and economic level of the state. Infectious diseases must seem fatal (announcement of the sixth level of influenza pandemic A/H1N1), a disease acquired as a result of poor lifestyle or human or drug poisoning, such as AIDS, should be considered infectious (HIV / AIDS), and their carriers equated with criminals.

"Tajikistan is rampant polio virus. The republic has already registered 298 cases and 15 deaths. Russia has already banned the entry of Tajik children under 6 years of age: the disease is a threat, especially for infants and young children. "

Creation of disease and mass belief that this infection

First you need to create an artificial disease — AIDS, swine or avian influenza, polio — and then, you need to make a particularly toxic vaccine and are forced to stick her unwitting, scared and duped masses.

"Most people think that all the diseases on this list are contagious: HIV / AIDS, SARS, West Nile encephalitis, mad cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other spongiform encephalopathy, foot and mouth disease, hepatitis C, polio, bird flu and the" Spanish flu "in 1918 year. There is enough medical evidence that these diseases are not only non-infectious co-factors, but in general are non-infectious. " David Crowe, medical journalist

Sokroyte all natural and non-pharmaceutical treatment for diseases

To take away from people the right to choose to replace a healthy diet and herbal medicine into toxic cocktails and vaccinations.
"It is estimated that if people had a choice of doctors and medicines to a lack of demand plunged to less than 10% of their current size, and the rest would be engaged exclusively in traumatology. And from that, they would have lost $ 900 billion ($ 9 billion). And they are not willing to accept such a loss without a serious fight. "Dr. Schultz, founder of School of Natural Healing

All traditional medicine is based on the presentation of pseudo-science and pseudo-science of advertising vdalblivanii her head gullible masses who do not have rivets to sort things out for themselves. Let eagerly await the cure for cancer and a vaccine for AIDS, poisoned by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and HAART, rather than to unearth the real causes of these diseases, the treatment of which is not worth the money, non-toxic and available to all.

Poison and otupite mass

To no one had the idea to start asking questions and think with your head (and not someone else), the masses need to fool poisoned, dead, and genetically-modified food (from this well and quickly die off brain cells), the abundance of plastic dishes (this leads to a hormonal imbalance ), vaccines (causes nerve and mental disorders in children), preaching an unhealthy lifestyle (advertising, Hollywood, media disinformation), put all dissenters to antidepressants and tranquilizers, to poison the water (a little bit so, lithium and fluorine, to avoid suspicion and lead to a state of complete tranquility.)

That way, you'll not only obedient and easily controlled population, but also a constant source of income that can be redirected to other, more important areas.

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