Cruelty caused by fear

Today in Belarus continued trials of the organizers and participants of the protest December 19, 2010. Here are the views of observers on the judicial process.

Human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich says the brutality with which the arrested are caused primarily by fear of power:

"To the extent she herself frightened when she saw a large public outcry. And especially — solidarity with the arrested society. With TV screens every day pours propaganda. But clearly shows that many people do not believe it is. I myself was convinced when one day talking with people on the way to court. And felt — those who are now judged to have a lot of support in the community.

The authorities knew about it. And she's blinded by that fear. Therefore, the behavior is absolutely inadequate. "

Man of letters Semen Bookchin said, "Freedom," which he sees in the current litigation certain historical analogy:

"They wrote -" stagnation "about the Brezhnev era. To avoid this stagnation, the Belarusian authoritarian or napavavtarytarnaya, polutotalitarnogo, the system should also be developed, to make certain moves. Example, add cruelty. And then departs. As said, two steps forward, one step ago. Otherwise, the system will start to rot. And she has her own inner development.

If the Tsarist Russian first revolution was brewing, one of the famous people said we should let chill. These are also parallels in history. "

On analogy with the history of Belarus and historian says Anatoly Sidorevich. Current events remind him in many ways the end of the 20-ies of the last century:

"The policy at the time of Pilsudski called" vzdyavanne muzzle. "If you take the 1927 th, 1928 th and later years, then went permanent Trials Belarusian leaders of the liberation movement. Literally, there was the year that there was some kind of a big process. Thus, in 1928 he was great process "Gromada" and several small processes. In 1929 — the appeal process "Gromada". In 1930 — the arrest figures "Zmagannya" and again the courts. Short, it lasted for several years. "

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