Crystal pyramid at the bottom of Bermuda triangle

March 29, 2012 18:33

Recently, American, French, and scientists of other countries involved in the study of the seabed in the Bermuda Triangle, said they found the pyramid standing on the sea floor.

These strange underwater pyramid at a depth of two thousand meters were detected by sonar, says oceanographer Dr. Verlag Meyer

Previous studies of such structures as the Yonaguni, Japan, have allowed scientists to determine that the depth of the pyramid are two of a thick glass, larger than the Egyptian pyramids of Cheops

Length of the base of the pyramid is 300 meters, and a height of 200 meters, the preliminary results show that these structures are made of glass or crystal material, because their surface is completely smooth and transparent

Crystal pyramid at the bottom of Bermuda triangle

At the top of the pyramid are two very large holes, sea water at very high speeds out through the second hole, which forms the raging waves forming a giant vortex, which in turn creates a massive waves of the sea surface and the fog
This new discovery has enabled scientists to suggest that this effect may be related to the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft in the region.

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