Cultural life in Voronezh: 3 exhibitions and reading room in the open air

Museum. IN Archaeology has prepared three exhibitions to the II International Festival of Arts of Plato.

June 8 in a historic building in the hall of the exhibition of graphic prints sheets of the State Museum of AS Pushkin's "Platonov in the schedule." The exposition will include monotypes and etchings, performed by famous artists A.Antonovym, M.Verholantsevym, Popova, K.Sokolovym based on the literary works of Andrei Platonov's "Chevengur", "The juvenile sea." The exhibition of the Metropolitan Museum will complement and five pieces of Novgorod D.Kondrateva artist from the collection of the Art Museum, "pit", "Tundra", "Yuvmore."

  On the same day at the exhibition hall of the museum (15:30) will open the exhibition "Other Art". On display are paintings and drawings of authors, 1930-1980-ies in the direction opposing the official art of the alternative style of socialist realism. The exhibition — more than a hundred works of art in no less than 23's in Moscow's main authors, among which the most famous artists of the studio school "The New Reality": E.Belyutina, V.Loboda, V. Pavlov, S.Romanovich, F. Semenov-Amur and many others. Will be included in the exposure and little-known artists of the Voronezh: V.Belopolskogo, B.Katkova, V.Suminoy, E.Horoshilova whose work in terms of content and style in tune with the innovative techniques of the method of writing by Andrei Platonov.

As it became known to IA "Voronezh-Media", on the second floor of the exhibition hall of the museum (16:00) will open another unusual exhibition: "Stars between heaven and earth. Glimpses. " Here you will see photos of the famous in the world of film and stage performers — Marlon Brando and Jean Mare, Marlene Dietrich and Charles Aznavour. Filming began in 1955, when the leadership of Air France had the idea to use the world renown of his famous passengers in order to attract the attention of a broad public, for which the flights are not yet commonplace. It was at this time conceived the project of creating the "Gallery of Stars", which became a kind of aesthetic, cultural, and historical evidence of the era of propeller aircraft. These photographs have been exhibited around the world, still enjoy the same success.

The exhibition is organized by means of the Directorate of Plato's festival was the French Embassy in Russia, the French Institute in Russia, and others.


Reading room open-air re-opened in Voronezh in the square in front of the Drama Theater. A.V.Koltsova. The event is being organized for the third year of the Voronezh Regional Children's Library.

The program is open unusual reading room was dedicated to the celebration of the 125th anniversary of his birth, our countryman Samuil Marshak.

As it became known to IA "Voronezh-Media", for younger guests was organized loud reading of humorous poems by S. Marshak, quizzes, games. Guys solve puzzles invented by the poet, took part in the stage version of "Tales of the stupid little mouse", and finally flipping through books and magazines presented exhibitions.

Reading room open-air "Book of the summer trail" will run in the park throughout the summer every Wednesday from 10:30 to 12:30. Attention will be offered voronezhtsev books and periodicals, which can be read directly on the bench.

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