Currencies not. National Bank expects the Russian loan

Despite promises by the authorities in a short time to stabilize the financial market, the currency is still there. Almost all transactions have moved into the informal sector, where the rate of the ruble to the dollar than the official one and a half times. Daily growing list of banks that announce the termination or substantial reduction of foreign exchange transactions by cards in Belarus and abroad. Meanwhile, the National Bank states: the currency in exchange may appear in May.

On the eve of the country's largest "Belarusbank" reported on the introduction of restrictions on cash and non-cash operations outside the country with the use of plastic cards. From now on, foreign currency transactions on cards suspends "Home Credit Bank". Chairman of the Board Algerdas Tabatade not yet able to say how much stretch is a forced measure:

"Every bank has its own specific situation. Our bank currently too has developed its own situation. Yet at the same time, I would, for example, described the situation for us palsy. Yeah, we have to do certain actions, of course, to what- what extent is not very popular, but they are not critical, or, as they say, collapse. least for us it does not collapse. Regarding prediction in time, here are the prospects for this moment, of a temporary nature, everything will depend on the measures that will be done at the level of the National Bank and the government. depending on how fast and what steps they will do so and will rastsyagvatstsa situation and dynamics with access to the usual mode of operation. Everything depends on the position of the mentioned departments. "

National Bank today announced the optimistic outlook: the currency in free circulation may appear in the banks in May. How does the supervisor is going to make or sell dollars at the official exchange rate of the euro? A representative of the National Bank Anatoly Moroz expressed the hope that the banking agencies will saturate the Russian loan of $ 1 billion. Or are expected to do so as early as the devaluation of the national currency? Mr. Frost left him without a direct answer, but expressed her opinion that would be adequate proportion of 3,800 rubles per dollar. With nearly 30% more for the current official exchange rate.

Meanwhile, as announced today representative of the criminal police Internal Affairs Viktor Senko, in queues at exchange offices are increasingly recorded hassle — badly tarnished nervous people are starting to prove their right to cheap dollar fists.

According to analysts, the financial crisis in Belarus has deep roots and so it is quite logical. Yesterday, in his address to the Belarusian people mentioned it and Alexander Lukashenko — they say that Belarus is not able to sell enough to recoup the cost of imports. The idea is developing Academician Alexander Wojtowicz:

Alexander Wojtowicz

"Because of the constant large negative balance, due to the imbalance in trade in foreign exchange reserves were exhausted us, and we began more and more to take the credit. Previously, they are not particularly telling. This is now on everyone's lips. Billions of loans to crisis 2008, undertook a smaller, but very much. As a result, a growing share of loans had to be taken in order to give the commitments already made. thus had its own crisis. available data, the figures that are evidenced. crisis that is actually superimposed on the world that in some way znivelyavala overall situation — the opportunity to refer to an external factor. But essentially nothing has changed as you can see, as of now we are running with his hand on the world and looking for where else would snatch at least some credit. And that's all evidence that business in the financial sector, we are very, very bad. "

Meanwhile, economic agents adjust to working in conditions of total price increases. Says the chief editor of the weekly "Avtadayzhest" Anatoliy Shevchenko

Anatoly Shevchenko

"I have a newspaper published in the Press House, the state enterprise. In April, we have already raised by 8% printing cost, and this week I got a letter back: May 1, more services will be 20% more expensive. Moreover, I say, we Print on Belarusian paper Shklou, and from there to the House version has already received a message that they, too, by 20% to the cost of paper. So, I have this month will increase the cost of the newspaper — consider, 8 +20 +20 — 48%. Half it is not 10 and not 15%, that may be referenced in a situation with the currency corridor and so on. "

Reporter: "What motivated these measures?".

"Yes, especially with anything. Printing House recalls that paints alleged overseas buying what area, other components for production. What motivates the rising cost of paper Shklovsky plant — I do not know. Maybe the rising cost of electricity or something else. But not 20 % ».

Meanwhile the official propaganda to blame the deadlock on the situation in the financial market is not power, but the people. According to official statistics, in January when the population has acquired banks in about 50 million dollars, in March this figure exceeded 700 million. In addition, people in large numbers began to take deposits and convert into foreign currency. However, independent experts stress that such citizens are simply demonstrate a level of confidence in the Belarusian ruble and the promises of the government.

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