Dashkevich says goodbye to his mother

Chairman of the Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich, who was sentenced to two years in prison, are allowed to say goodbye to his mother, who had died on the night of April 26. But it will accompany the convoy — Radio The radio reported.

According to the deputy chairman of the Young Front Anastasia Palazhanka, to get the right part with the closest person, I had a lot of work, but everything was decided almost at the last moment:

— Dmitry released at the time of separation from the mother, just an hour or so some think. He escorted rides in a separate car, under the supervision and with the guards. For this we needed ride in the Old Roads in Slutsk, after it was necessary to all of these documents carry the Moscow court where I prazmavlyala the deputy president of the court, and today I spoke with the head of the prison, and we update all times as it is must . Leaders prison guards searched him and they define formats as my parting look Dmitri with his mother.

According to Freedom in the newspaper "Info-Courier", about 11:00 Dmitri brought to the morgue Slutsky. From prison to the grave …

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