Defectors from the Syrian MIDA The CIA asked about RUSSIA

Large bureaucrat, who escaped from Damascus, began to testify in the U.S.

Former Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Maqdisi Syria, fled first from Damascus in December, found in the U.S. — he gives testimony to the CIA. The news coincided with the emergence of numerous evidence that the Syrian conflict began using chemical weapon.
Maqdisi became the highest-ranking defector from Syria, who went on to co-operation with the West, after the former prime minister Riyad Hijab and General Manaf Tlass. Opposition members have rushed to call him a prime candidate for the post of minister of foreign affairs in the future transitional government «Free Syria.»
— Foreign Ministry spokesman, of course, was considered one of the more knowledgeable people in the Syrian top — told «Izvestia» Syria expert at the Institute of Oriental Studies Vladimir Akhmedov. — For a long time hunting for him and led the opposition, and Americans. Hard to say really whether he eventually went to work for the CIA, said some media reports, more importantly for us. Maqdisi was in constant contact with the Russian representatives.
Communication with Russian (also Chinese and Iranian) diplomats and military specialists may be of particular interest for the Yankees. Russian military is suspected, namely, that they are helping the Syrian military target missile. Another great urgency in recent weeks acquired a question about their use of the Syrian government forces of chemical weapon against the insurgents.
The opposition claims that the government used their battle against poisons already 18 times. Recall that in August, President Obama gave to understand that America will regard the use of chemical weapons by Damascus as sufficient grounds for armed intervention.
Syrian-American Honey Company announced that against the armed opposition forces were used psychoactive chemical agent Agent-15, also known as 3-hinuklidil benzilate. And the Syrian National Council for Human Rights, based in London, reported on the use of phosgene. This dim gas in the First World War served as a weapon, and in our days are used in the manufacture of dyes.
— In the technologically advanced Europe from harmful substances in the manufacture of the same shall be removed dyes, — explained the «Izvestia» Doctor of Physics Institute of Delaware (USA) Sergey Lopatnikov — but in the Middle East such components still use.
In Israel, but the veracity of reports of the use of chemical weapons in Syria vary.
— I’m not sure what we litsezreem the photo — the result of the introduction of chemical weapons — said Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon. — The opposition is interested in international intervention.
Jihad Maqdisi also can tell almost everything about the Syrian diplomatic kitchen.
— Many unclear why Our homeland is not supported Iran nedavneshny peace plan that called for the creation of a transitional government and the next elections in Syria, — says Vladimir Akhmedov Orientalist. — The Western press has been rumors that the Tipo Moscow and Washington agreed on a plan that excludes Assad upcoming role in the political life of Syria.
— When the UN special envoy on Syria Lakhdar Brahimi appeared on days of Damascus, Bashar Assad Tipo not desired it to accept and agreed to meet only under the pressure of, — said the «Izvestia» Dr. Mufid Lebanon Municipal Institute Koteysh.
In general, as the testimony Maqdisi be reliable, is unclear. In October, the TV channel «Al Jazeera» made Abdullah Al-Omar, presented as a former employee of the press service of the Syrian president. He said that Assad wants to escape to Russia, where 300 apartments already prepared for him and his family. Until now, this information has not been confirmed.

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