Deliveries of S-300 to Iran. What to do with the decree Medvedev?

Deliveries of S-300 to Iran. What to do with the decree Medvedev?
Against the background of the situation around Syria Russian-Iranian contacts acquire a new meaning. Despite the fact that the new Iranian management warmly of contacts with Russian officers and claims that our homeland is the principal partner, but now the case is difficult to Moscow and Tehran to call light. Black cat in a relationship of 2-ran about three years ago, when President (then president), Dmitry Medvedev, with 2 hands supported UN Security Council resolution numbered 1929, which forbade the supply to Iran of certain types of military equipment and imposes restrictions on other trade operation of this state.


Then — in June 2010 — was born a presidential decree, which not only put into question the implementation of Russian duties on Iran in terms of the supply of arms to contracts have been signed, and the seating is limited to the area of ​​the Russian Federation Iranian investments, and general trade ties with the Islamic Republic.

According to estimates of professionals, only one last year turnover between Russia and Iran due to the execution Russian resolution number 1929 and signed on its base the Presidential Decree, fell almost 38%. In absolute terms, it is about 75 billion rubles.

But the Iranian side has angered even not so much the Security Council resolution (although it Tehran does not applauded), and «complement» to the resolution taken «from the ceiling,» Dmitry Medvedev. To be clear, it is necessary to touch resolution number 1929 and the Decree of President Medvedev separately.

So, if the text of the requirements of the UN resolution on Iran in terms of delivery of weapons and military equipment, then he looks (text), followed by this:

Iran is forbidden to supply all battle tanks, armored combat vehicles, artillery systems, huge caliber, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles or missile systems as defined for the purpose of the Register of ordinary arms of the United Nations.

Given this explanation of the Register, it appears that the UN Security Council rebuked supply offensive weapons to Tehran.

Now scamper to presidential decree, cooked on the basis of the resolution.

In this paper on some unknown reason, there is a line in which states that the prohibition applies not only to the above weapons, and direct anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, also devices to them.

Strange … Or Dmitry Anatolyevich signing this decree, did not suspect that the S-300 is no case for offensive weapons (weapons, the essence of which opens said UN Register) does not have, or know, but then it turns out that intentionally made additions. Naturally, it is necessary to take into account that «peace, friendship, chewing gum» with the United States assumed some overtures in an era of economic crisis broke out, but to make such overtures by others — to put it mildly, is not quite right and politically correct.

Ultimately, implementation of the Russian-Iranian agreement to supply Tehran five battalions of S-300PMU-1, which were a couple of years, had to be suspended. Pause, despite the fact that, in the 1-x, to ban the supply of defensive weapons in the UN Security Council resolution, and out of the question, in-2, Iran has already paid an advance of Russia about 170 million dollars. From the perspective of Iran, such move by the Russian president looked the most realistic, sorry, «kidalovo» … Iran openly thrown in when grain and other Arab revolutions have been thrown to the ground.

Realizing that the situation in this way can not leave, managing Iran decided to file a lawsuit to the court of Geneva at the failure of Russian company «Rosoboronexport» own responsibilities. Amount of the claim was 4 billion dollars. After filing a lawsuit discussion appeared that Iran supposedly makes unfriendly gesture towards their own partner that he wishes to receive funds, which absolutely does not deserve. Iran-but then, bolshennomu account in this respect it is difficult to criticize — it’s already was April 2011. Already being blazed Libya. NATO «hawks» already torn by North Africa, and Dmitry Medvedev, meanwhile, tried to explain why Russia is not vetoed the resolution on Libya UN Security Council resolution. Understanding the Iranian authorities that without supply Russian anti-aircraft missile systems «Arab Spring» may spread to Iran, caused anger completely fair by its authorities.

There were discussions and that Medvedev is generally made a strategic move to say: if the Geneva Tribunal recognizes the truth of Iran and Tehran would oblige Russia to pay 4 billion «green», then the supply of S-300PMU-1 can be resumed. Naturally, the strategy, to put it mildly, incomprehensible. Initially long and stubbornly negotiate deliveries of S-300 to Iran, then enter in the decree banning the requirement of S-300, which even the West in particular form was not raised, then «rejoice» Iranian claim, hoping that after the decision of the Geneva arbitration board can start to fulfill the contract, with all this undertaking to pay almost $ 4 billion to Iran. Logical chain from which that name, no matter what kind of roof will eat …

For which it was necessary to drive by yourself in a corner, and then someone else and pay for the fact that we took from this angle?
But at the moment Dmitry Anatolyevich takes a few other post, if in 2010, and of «peace, friendship, chewing gum» with Washington are not the same … Obama is floating belly up, while unsuccessfully trying to roll over in a more comfortable position after the «Syrian episode» . Iran received, if I may say so, the long-term respite from the «democratic Spring», having to change the president. Our homeland is also changed to President Dmitry Medvedev … In general, it’s time something in Russian-Iranian relations change — change of course in the best side.

And such changes after the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani at the SCO summit may show themselves. The main question, of course, concerns the supply of air defense missile systems to Iran by Russia.

It is reported that the Russian President in the conversation with the head of Iran proposed to withdraw the suit, filed in Geneva tribunal in exchange for the beginning of deliveries to Tehran S-300VM «Antey 2500». Two divisions of these complexes this year has already been transported to Venezuela. 5 complexes and can go to Iran.

However, in this case will have something to do with the decree of Dmitry Medvedev, as he commanded not to sell Iran S-300. Apparently, Putin has some opinions about this law … In a nail to hang in the closet — as an option …

By the way, start your own supplies to Iran AAMS Our homeland immediately kill 2-birds: Free yourself from having to pay Tehran 4000000000 «bucks» and discourage any desire to replicate their Western «democratic spring» on the outer areas (unless, of course, by the time will not pick up the latest victim — Syria and Iran until the teeth).
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