Demons in the dogs skin

October 30, 2011 13:00

Mentally balanced, sober police chudilis monsters in a dog's skin? Chudilis so clearly, that the captain has even opened fire on the dogs to kill

Folklore of the Russian province a long time, so to speak, preferred phenomenon over the mysterious — the so-called demons in dog shape.

And, if you believe the Church chronicles the monastery's favorite place of fierce black dogs the size of a calf, with a blood-red, disproportionately large eyes are defiled, abandoned churches, cemeteries, exclusively for the burial of suicides.

Ignatius Savateev, novitiate, in 1756, torn by these vile creatures, on the eve of the massacre left a handwritten will. At 300 pages, narrated how, riding dogs, "walked into a dark world." According to the will of his infamous pranks and participated in raids demons. That demons, because he considered Savateev, nothing bright in the range, where there is a spiritual abomination of desolation, all foolishly to please there man, good and not wait can not wait.

Probably because the novice sincerely repented, explained action by the fact that, together with the mind is clouded his faith in Christ, the priesthood, the monastery allowed read the burial service, his remains. But the cemetery has no place. Buried in the grotto, the formed by weathering. Grotto sealed stone on which no cross. There is a picture canine trio. Stone that, along with a grotto, survived and became in the 90 years of the last century coven place adherents of paganism and the occult. Gathering, however, like a knife cut, after the mysterious murder — next to the cave found the mutilated corpses of young men and women.

Before heading to the past behind "devils in dog disguise," consider the circumstances of the tragedy that took place after midnight at the tomb of Ignatius Savateeva.


Make public the circumstances of an incident in Solovki independent expert, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences YN Klyukvin, according to police Lieutenant Ravel Aslanova indicates that members of the investigation group animals, vaguely reminiscent of the huge black dogs that were the daily, seemed to be something intangible. Why? "Because, — said Aslan — that, Ryskov and rushing at us, they envelop freely pass through us, disappearing a blinding flash of light or dim wisps of fog."

Klyukvin wonders if the entity, tentatively called black dogs were not felt tactile, did not cause any harm to the police, how could they kill and maim? After the bodies of young people remaining after the raid — a reality that exists in reality? Conclusion physics, similar conclusions investigators closed on absolute evil, drug-related friends of those killed on the adverse effects of drugs on the psyche.

Indeed, as the police found out, at the tomb of the Sabbath Savateeva monk, began with smoking cannabis. When in the course went heavy synthetic drugs, there was a pack of black dogs. Dogs, on the assertions of the detainees killed friends, all together in the moonlight cast shadows. Divided, individually no longer cast a shadow. This is all we could think of the fatal night, "pagans" who are accused of murder and on drugs. YN Klyukvin without questioning the viability of the charges emerged indicates inconsistency. "For example, the heated Potion idiot, clouded reason, under the influence of drugs abused corpses. But how to interpret the fact that mentally balanced, sober police chudilis monsters in dog's clothing? Chudilis so clearly that Captain Gregory Bannikov even opened fire on the dogs to kill? "

Now that investigators drove to an absolute standstill. Shooting, Captain Bannikov someone hurt. Blood smears taken in the morning, the rest on the rocks, where they saw the black dog of the examination were owned by the person. YN Klyukvin ironically, I do not whether wielded werewolves? Straightens itself, bringing a dozen excerpts from historical chronicles, according to which the black monsters — it warlocks werewolves. Rationalist Klyukvin with such a "lightly-dense" interpretation does not agree totally. Suggests that the solution lies in the deep structure of matter.

DEMON on a leash

Among those clergy Petersburg Pushkin's time hard rumors of Kazan Cathedral parishioner Catherine Luzgin, which allegedly had absolute power over all sorts of evil. Catherine — the daughter of a rich merchant — adored single outings. 18-year old father, a nice face, statuesque girl, preserving, let the trail carriage with two employees. Protect from dashing fellows Catherine they never had a chance. As in 1888, the words of her niece Alexandra wrote an Orthodox writer Vladimir Derkachev, "need not expected, only because at least an oblique view, a bad thought, kept her off the leash the beast. Hitherto not observed. Suddenly the flesh manifested. Compatible with the icy breath of death. "

Derkachev, recalling that in the fairy tales of the peoples of the Earth demonic beings are always associated with the death of their victims, admits that in the case of Catherine Luzgin an exception. Catherine — two-faced. She is a victim and not the victim. She believes in God and does not believe in it. "The devil seduces patronage to take away his soul" — brought forth the result Derkach. But, even so, of course, we are primarily interested in personal relationships merchant's daughter with a dark entity, with a black person, to be more precise — is not clear with whom.

Work hard, Derkach, following family traditions witnesses, leads a couple of facts the presence of black, "spewing flaming stench monsters" at the feet of a young widow. Especially intriguing evidence Deacon Basil buzzer, remembered with horror how her aunt's funeral Catherine Martha, in the midst of post-mortem ritual Molodukha Luzgina grabbed by the scruff of the ghost dog, just before finding himself in the middle of the chapel, fire podzhegshuyu touch it and cause serious burns to those present. From the Chapel of the dog stole Catherine God knows whence undertaken leash. As he left, the girl tossed into the crowd: "You are all dreaming for your sins!"

Chapel burned down in speed. Her father, in order to avoid scandal and resignation daughter of the church, rebuilt a new chapel. The chapel that was popular with spectators, because only there prayed Catherine, which, despite prigozhest and gentle disposition, never married. Derkachev notes that the heir to a large fortune donated to the monastery, having lived there age, visiting black dogs only on the eve of the death of any of the residents.


It is to this simple actions to avoid intrusive contact with "unclean demonic shadows of the world", called Orthodox priest Eli Ross, before his death in 1916, lived on the Greek island of Crete. Successfully chased out of houses, human bodies from graveyards, temples, schools of every kind of evil, no matter how fantastical appearance it did not take. Writer Leonid Andreyev, shocked by what he saw in these rites, admitted that he is truly accepted God, when merged with the spiritual world of the Greek saint.

Not being a theologian, Andreev did not notice, they believed in church circles, ultra-light, like a little puff of wind, heresy present in justification Ross demonic nature. Meanwhile, Ross believed that the brain creates devils incarnation person living unjustly, that the patient mind creates monsters.

Own words Elijah Ross underpinned — like paper burning "stickiness" of black dogs, birds, pigs, and fish. Is not innocuous. Sometimes deadly. Of course, I would like to know about the materialistic, physical nature of the phenomenon. Unfortunately, the desire to diverge until the possibilities of science.

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