Detachment of the Northern Fleet ships headed to the Arctic

Detachment of the Northern Fleet ships headed to the Arctic
Now a detachment of ships of the Northern Fleet (NF) came out of the main base of the Northern Fleet town Severomorsk in the Barents Sea and headed into eastern Arctic soobschvet press service of the Western Military Area.
The detachment — SF flagship heavy nuclear missile cruiser (TARKR) «Peter the Great», huge amphibious ships (BDK) «Olenegorsky miner» and «Kondopoga» also support vessels of all major types — rescue and towing ships killektornye average sea transport and tanker. Total detachment has more than 10 warships and vessels.
As the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, whose flag SF detachment went to sea, «hike ships carried as part of the Defence Ministry and the Head of the Navy Command Implementation» Foundations of State Policy in the Arctic Russian Federation for the period until 2020 and the subsequent term «in order to maintain the status of, as a leading Arctic power, strengthen its security and normal economic activity of the Russian Federation in the municipal government interests.»
SF detachment pass route along the Northern Sea Route to the New Siberian Islands and will perform a variety of combat training tasks in designated areas in accordance with the plan for the resumption of the permanent presence of the ships of the Navy of the Russian Federation in the strategically fundamental areas of the oceans.
This is the second large-scale campaign SF ships in the Arctic over the past two years. In the past year, SF ships, also led by the flagship — the cruiser «Peter the Great», conducted a series of exercises near the Northern Sea Route, and Marines for the first time in the history of Russian Navy amphibious assault landings on unequipped coast of the New Siberian Islands archipelago Boiler.

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