Dictionary Veshchunov, witches and sorcerers

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Baba Yaga — Bone Leg (IDE) — in Slavic mythology-old forest witch, witch, witch, dressed vortices and blizzards and, by its very name mate with the serpent.
Baba Yaga — originally ancestor, very positive ancient Slavic god of the pantheon, the guardian (if necessary — militant) the nature and traditions, kids and okolodomashnego (often forest area).

 Baba Yaga owns a very important role in the national epics and legends of the Slavic tribes. She lives in a dense forest in a hut on chicken legs, which turns his back to the forest, and the stranger before; fence around the house — from the human bones, skulls on the fence, instead of a bolt — a human leg, instead of constipation — the hands, instead of the castle — the mouth with sharp teeth.
She flies through the air and drives a coven in an iron mortar, driving a pusher or a walking stick, and we note the following swab. Baba Yaga has a magical, fire-breathing horses, seven-league boots, magic carpet, harp-and sword-samogudami samosekom.
Pursuing the fairytale characters fleeing from her anger and revenge, she pursues them a black tucheyu.
Like a snake, Baba Yaga likes sucking white breasts and beautiful women just as it jealously guards the fountain of living water, and carefully hid in their pantries, copper, silver and gold.
Finally, like a snake. Baba Yaga eats human flesh.
People's imagination is it an evil, ugly, with a long nose, disheveled hair, the huge growth Crone. "The Baba Yaga one leg — bone, it — is blind, it is — an old woman with large breasts."
Relationship with wild animals and the forest can display its image of an ancient way of mistress of animals and the dead. However, the attributes of it as a shovel, which she throws into the furnace of children are consistent with the interpretation of stories of her as a priestess.
She — the antagonist of the hero tales, warrior and thief, but the image of a fairy tale knows giver and helper character.

BABA-rolled — Okrut his will.
"And in the darkness of the meadow tomnovali white girls, but women pustovoloski-rolled, watered overcoming-grass" (AM Remizov. "Tales").


VAKODLAKI — Dead coming to suck the blood of babies.

VAMPIRE — A dead man, who during his life villain, robber and general man with evil tendencies, which have invaded the body of evil spirits.
They say also that if the cat jump over the dead man, when he is in the house, the deceased is sure to make a vampire.
Bared teeth of the dead man and a blush on his cheeks indicate it vampire. Forty days after the death of man, an evil spirit that dwelleth in his corpse begins to come out of the grave, wandering from house to house and sucks blood from the ears of infants and adults.
To get rid of the vampire, he must conjure a pitcher after pitcher spell throat cork, and then sent to the chosen location, there are lit several loads of firewood and turf and throwing pitcher in the middle of the flame: when the vessel overheat and explode with a strong bang 'People calm myself with the thought that a vampire is burned. "

VARKOLAK — The evil dead, attacks on women and takes them in sinful relationship, the birth of his children are no cartilage in your nose and have the ability to see spirits.

Sage and Sage — See the sorcerer, magician, wizard, sorcerer, broadcasting little wife, witch, charmer, Baba kudesnitsa, volhvitka.

WITCH — Woman, decided to sell his soul to the devil, is different from all the other women that has a tail (small) and has the ability to fly through the air on broomsticks, pokers, in a mortar, etc.
Russian witch Baba Yaga, and rush through the air in an iron mortar, driving or walking stick pestle and broom sweeping track, with earth groans, the winds they hiss, and the unclean spirits utter wild cries.
They have a lot to do with witches: witches are in constant communication (which are "bald" mountains, where there are playful romps widows with fun and passionate devils), just as they die hard, suffering in terrible convulsions caused by the desire to convey to whom his science-something, and they just put out after the death of his mouth tongue unusually long and very similar to the horse.
But is not limited similarity, since then begin hectic going from fresh graves, they settle down in the same way an aspen stake driven into the grave.
In the Little-Russian steppes of witches very frequent younger women and, moreover, such that "Do not wish to give the souls look for beauty browed"And in severe coniferous forests witches turn into ugly old women like Baba Yaga.
Witches can turn around in various animals, often in sinister, temnoperyh and nocturnal birds, pigs, dogs, cats, and yellow ("Striga" — Nocturnal bird, the Czechs and Slovaks so-called witches, a Croat strigonom name Geist).
Very often, witches were tortured for milking cows of others.
Witches zealously love spell and lapels and ohladevshih loving hearts.
According to its natural properties, witches can easily be worn in the middle of the cloud of sources, and therefore people will be convinced if they walk on the surface of rivers and lakes, and not sink in deep waters.
Therefore accused of witchcraft were thrown into the deep pools of: innocent immediately sank to the bottom, and a witch floating over water with a stone. First pulled with ropes and released, the same ones that were considered witches, nailed to death and drowned by force.
In addition to preserving small tail, tell another that a witch, instead of two, have three breasts.
"Witch itself felt cold, despite the fact that she was dressed warmly, and therefore, raise your hands up, put down her leg and led themselves in a position, as a man, flying, ice skating, without moving any of joint, down the air , as if on a sloping ice mountain, and right in the pipe … came out of the oven, put off a warm jacket, recovered, and no one could find it a minute ago, went on a broom " (NV Gogol. "The Night Before Christmas").

The Witcher — Witch or vampire bloodsucker who are believed to walk after death and Morita people.
In all, more Witcher — kind creature, not only did not the creative evil, but even tried to be useful: it stops you from doing evil witches, from going dead, scatters the clouds, etc.
He and the death does not lose its power. They say that it is not seen him fight with the dead in the graves, and always wins.

VLHVA — A witch, a prophetess.

Werewolves (Volkolak vovkulak, Vovkun, vavkalak, vukodlak) — human-werewolf, has the ability to turn into a wolf.
According to Russian beliefs, vovkulaki are of two kinds: either the wizards taking animal images, or the common people, transformed into wolves spell of witchcraft.
It was also believed that witches could turn into wolves entire bridal train.
Man-vovkulaka easily recognized by wool growing under his tongue.
According to the legends of the South Slavs, a token of werewolves is noticeable, from birth, "Wolf fur"on his head.
Slavic is the idea that werewolves eat the moon or the sun during an eclipse. It was believed that werewolves become vampires, so after the death of his mouth clamped coin.

Volkhov — Ugadchik, soothsayer, sorcerer, bringing children to him to impose on them nauzy (nodes, navyazki).

VOLHATKA (Volhvitka) — Soothsayer, prophetess.

Magus (Sorcerer, wizard) — Wizard, ugadchik, the prophet (Nestor word "sorcerer" and "wizard" are used as synonymous.)
Prince Oleg spoke to the Magi to the question: what he will die. Tell about how it came to pass prognostic chronicler adds: "Behold there is a marvelous, like a volhovaniya marketed by sorcery." 
In excess of the gift of prophecy, and the Magi attributed medical art.
According to "The words of the wicked duseh" "When (people) Cocoa penalty finds a pleasure, or the prince pograblenie or filth in the house, or illness, or the misery of their livestock, they flow to the Magi, in the bo care sobe are looking for." 
"… The wise men are not afraid of the mighty rulers,
A princely gift of no use to them;
Truth and freedom their prophetic language
And with the will of heaven to be friends —
The coming years are hidden in the mist:
But see thy lot at the light brow " 
(AS Pushkin. "Song of Oleg the Wise").
Divination — Magic, witchcraft, sorcery sorcerer.

Volkhov — According to the ancient chronograph fierce magician (magus — a sorcerer, wizard).
In the form of a crocodile, he settled in the river, which from him and got his nickname, and lie in it a waterway, all who do not worship him, sorcerer drowned and devoured.

Gate of — Sorcerer.

VUKODLAK — A man in whom forty days after his death, is the devil's spirit and animates his unconscious body.
Rising from the grave, he wanders at night, dressed in a shroud, sneaks into the house, pushing the sleeping people and drinking their blood, causing these accidents are not only die, but they themselves become vampires (bloodsuckers).


GRADIVNIK in Little Russian mythology — a magician, able to protect his village from the weather. Averting the storm, he runs through the village, ringing the bell, fighting with the invisible spirits conjured clouds. The leader of the storm, usually priskakivayuschy in black robes on a black horse, would not prevail against the experienced gradivnika and will be forced to pour hail somewhere in the village.
Hmarnikami-gradivnikami either born, or become, sold his soul to the Warlock, which after the transaction presents nouveau hmarniku — The Last Airbender — wonderful staff.


ZHABALAKA — A werewolf, which is in the form of a toad.


ZAGOVO QP (Or Nagas? P spell primolvka) — The spell of the people's poetic verbal formula, which is attributed to magic power.
Emerged from the pagan prayers and invocations, conspiracy based initially on the power of human speech, then the authority of the deity is invoked in it, then — on the authority of the person starts talking and persuading modern commoner, the whole force of the plot in the exact pronunciation of known words and performed the accompanying rituals. Originally a pagan power reserve word conspiracy hoped to force revered forces and phenomena of nature in everything that he likes, and resorted to conspiracies very often.
Over time, the range of plots was reduced, and finally, the mysterious formulas have ceased to be available to all, stood out as a new class of people in charge of the mysterious power of the rites and prayers and know how to perform these ceremonies. These people — witch doctors, nymphs, witches, magicians, etc.
In pre-Christian times in plots treated primarily to the forces and phenomena of nature. Contacting the sun, moon, stars, dawn, wind, fire, thunder, rain, etc. — the most frequently encountered in the plot. With the adoption of Christianity began to appear and turn to God, the Virgin, the saints.
All plots are divided into:
1) conspiracy acts and rites;
2) plot without them.
Despite their diversity, plots have a common structure.
1) "Backlog", during which the operator is reciting in a state of altered consciousness and depersonalization (which protects the operator) Sample hurt: "Language — provetchik teeth — verge eyes — water, forehead — boron, lead me (name), Sudarushka — the queen Mara Morenushka into the court, take cranberries, grind meal, bake bread, feed me, whether from now until my age. "
2) The opening of the conspiracy, that is, formulas of the type: "Get up, I (name), and blessed, and wash with water, dew, utrusya woven scarf, I'll crossed himself, out of the house to the door of the gate in the gate to the East" — that is, action or Represents the mentally or actually committed them and consistently "give away."
3) expression of desire — sometimes at length, sometimes briefly.
4) likened the character, that is, comparing the desired effects with any phenomenon in nature, refer to the elements — sun, moon, stars, dawn, wind, fire, thunder, rain, water — to ask for help.
5) Establishment of a conspiracy or "key." Example: "Be strong my words and modeling to age, not my words, and have missed the conversation, and be thou, my verdict, harder than a rock and iron …" or "closed lock your words, throw the keys under white alatyr combustible stone, but as a lock smychi strong, so mark my words … "," Word of stone, iron lock. Who is the castle izglozhet, my words peremozhet. So to be so! "
6) Thanks.

ZDUHACH — The people of the South Slavs (sometimes animal) having supernatural powers, which manifests itself only when he sleeps.
During the sleep out of his spirit, which leads the winds, driving clouds, Fit and drives hail, fights with other zduhachami.
Zduhach protects against natural disasters fields and lands of his village, sort of. Most often this is a grown man, but it may be the child (especially born in "shirt"), a woman, and even shepherd dog, ox, cow, horse, sheep, goats and other animals.
Zduhach-animal only protects herds and animals.
"According to popular conception, zduhachami were famous historical figures. Fighting between zduhachami occur most often in the spring, when strong winds blow, and the long autumn nights. Eduhachi armed charred sticks, spindles, but often in a fight using rocks and tree trunks, uprooted. After the death of zduhachi become volkulakami " (NI Tolstoy).


Pagan temple — The space of a pagan temple, located behind the altar, and designed for the burls (statues depicting the gods) or other sacred objects.
In the classical period was separated from the temple trebischa (area in front of the altar) sacred curtain (in Arkonskom Temple were tough carpet curtains, modern Yasukuni Shrine — easy sliding wall). However, as the excavations on Mount Bogit, the curtain was installed in some locations. After the beginning of the persecution of the pagans in the Slavs curtain is rarely used.
In the temples of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as in the tradition of the Etruscan temple replaced Zell — specially built indoors.
In the temple has access to only the priest and his assistants.
If the altar is aligned with the altar (as it was in the ancient world and some of the Semites), it is in the open, or it can be under the common roof with a pagan temple ("closed" churches of Scandinavia).
In the houses of the Abrahamic religions sootveststvuet "holy of holies" (Judaism), "altar" (Orthodox), "elder" (Catholicism).

Cargo — Crow, as well as the name of an evil woman expletive or witches.

KARKUN — Means a crow, and jealous of a man who gives the evil eye, izurochit.

Hysterical woman — Is poor, suffering epilepsy or other serious diseases, connected with delusions, penoyu mouth and cramps, they make wild cries and, under the influence of the power of the people of superstitions claim that gate of evil planted in them demons that also eat their insides.
The disease manifests itself in the form of seizures, more noisy than dangerous, and striking uniformity reasons and choosing a location for its temporary manifestations (Liturgy of the Faithful, which precedes the singing of the Cherubic Hymn).
The evil spirit, inspiring person, violates church decorum and introduces the temptation to rush screaming voices of all pets — dogs barking and a cat meowing replaced rooster singing, horse neighing, etc.
With the care and kindness are hysterical in home life, including their patients as human beings, free them from the hard work even in the busy season.
When, after successful experiments home healing, the patient completely calm down, she does not give a full week to work, feed edoyu better, try not to be angry, not to give her an opportunity to curse "black speech" and does not start, so again klikushnichat.

OATH dark fire — The rite of blood brotherhood, a very serious pagan ritual action tayaschee a profound sacred essence and meaning.
The meaning of this oath — Unity on the spiritual level of the two men (usually) with the Pledge of Allegiance, (violating that person is spiritually dying) and blood (which has long revered the bearer of the human soul).
Soldiers swore would never betray, to be faithful until death, and stand for each other until the end in a fight.
This ceremony was especially necessary to strengthen the bond and the Host Rodov familial and tribal ties between members of the same nation.

Witch and SORCERESS (Kaldovanets, kaldovnitsa) — one who performs sacrificial offerings, there are natural and voluntary, the latter is more difficult to recognize in the crowd and not so easy to protect yourself from them.
Natural sorcerer on the views of the people, has its own genealogy: the girl will give birth to a girl, bring this second third, and born of the third boy made a sorcerer on age, and the girl witch.
There are, though very rarely, sorcerers involuntary. The fact is that every sorcerer of death to someone tries to impose his magical powers, otherwise he will have to suffer for a long time, and the mother-land of cheese will not accept him. Therefore, people in the know avoid taking from him a thing, and in general to touch his hand.
For "Involuntary" sorcerer can repentance and salvation. Warlocks, for the most part, people are old, with long gray hair and unkempt beards, the wool with long fingernails.
In most cases, they are rootless people and always single, enlist, but lovers. In appearance they are always impressive and rigorously refrained be talkative, with no one to lead friendship and even go always frowning, not looking up and frightening that look askance, which is called "wolf's eyes."
The assistance of a wizard as well and believe in his supernatural powers, popularly considered a sin, but for this sin in the world to not threaten great punishment.
But the magicians themselves, for all their acts, be sure to suffer bitter, painful death, and after death awaits trial righteous and merciless. Immediately as they bury grave witch, you need to drive a stake through it, in order to prevent the dead to rise from the grave, to wander through the white light and scare the living.
Sorcerer harm to humans, cattle and moved his hatred even to plants. The harm caused to a person, most often expressed in the form of disease: hernias, abscesses, binges, seizures.
Indiscriminate loss of livestock are also the work of witches. From plants of more harm bread.
As masters of the vortices, sorcerers can sends to his haters and rivals of damage to the wind, to raise them in the air and circling it with tremendous speed. Witches ride wolves and witches — on cats and goats. In Russia, told travel wizards wolves.
On the old woodcut painting depicts Baba Yaga riding horseback on a pig. Warlocks can turn around wolves usually at night.
In Belarus, about a sorcerer say "It flies in the nose".
Devilry readily converted into flies. The expression of a man that he was "the fly" means that the person is intoxicated.
"… I do not care fended get lost in the forest witch Faladey, nepodtykannsh old man with a fly in the nose" (AM Remizov "Tales").

Cows DEATH (Cattle plague, the Black illness) — a werewolf, who takes on the image of a black cow, walking along with the village herds and was admitted to them spoiling.
Also appears in the form of a cat, mostly black, or dogs, sometimes in the form of cow bone (the late character arising on the model of the human image of death).
Death From Cow fighting various ceremonies: opahivaniem villages, killing cows, cats, dogs, or sometimes a small animal, or a rooster (most often by burying alive), ignition "Live", ie produced by friction, fire, driving cattle across the ditch or tunnel dug into the ground, weaving "ordinary", ie woven in a single day, the canvas.
When opahivanii sometimes singing, calling Cow's death to get out of the village, as walks in the village of St. Blaise (patron of cattle). When the Kurschine and Oryol came across to meet any animal (cat or dog), it instantly killed as the embodiment of Death, hurrying to hide in the form of a werewolf.
In Nizhny Novgorod region to avert contagion farmers herded the cattle to one yard, locked gates and guarded until the morning, and with the dawn of assorted cows, with an extra, it is unknown who owned the cow made for the cow's death, her embark on the woodpile and burned alive.

KOSHKALACHEN — A werewolf, which is in the form of a cat.

KUZELNIK — Sorcerer, magician.

KURDUSHI — Evil spirits, sorcerers help in their work.
After successful completion rite sorcerers, dedicated to a lifetime of service puts a small lively devils — kurdushi.
They include things in the right place, shot with an infectious patient, so that other planned "Spoil treat". And spells cast powder "in the wind" on the intended victim. And a pinch of ground off the trail will bring sorcerer, hair from the head of the doomed. And "Spoiling" at specified nashlyut "Overlap". Every whim kurdushi magician perform.


Bald Mountain — Expression "Witches fly on Bald Mountain" originally referred to the mythical wives scolding the high sky dark clouds.
Later, when the value of these metaphors were lost, people connected with the witch flying mountains that towered in populated areas to them.
Every year on the first May night flying witch on Bald Mountain. Each witch is the feast with his lover, the devil.
The lord demonic powers — Satan in the guise of a black goat with a human face, it is important and solemn sitting in a high chair or on a large stone table in the middle of a meeting.
All those present at the meeting declared their obedience to him kneeling and kissing. Satan with a special favor accesses one witch who among charodeek plays a primary role, and in which it is easy to find their queen.
Fledglings from different countries and regions, the evil spirits and witches report that they have done evil, and conspiring to new intrigues, and when Satan unhappy whose antics, he punishes the guilty strikes.
Then, by the light of torches, from up the holy flame that burns between the horns of a large goat, begin to feast: greedily devour horse meat and other dishes, without bread and salt, and drink beverages made from cow hooves and horse skulls.
At the end of the meal begins a mad dance to the sounds of extraordinary music. The musician sits on a tree, and instead of bagpipes and violin, he keeps a horse's head, the flutes or bow to him is a simple stick, the cat's tail.
Witches, grasping hands with devils, with wild gestures and shameless fun jump, twirl and play around them. The next morning at the places where they are seen dancing on the grass circles, like stamp down cow and goat legs.
Then he takes a large goat and burning ash it is shared by all the assembled witches, who with the help of ash and causing people to various disasters.
In addition to the goat as a sacrifice demon brings another black bull or a black cow.
Promenade ends carnal copulation, in which witches come to evil spirits, in the perfect redemption of lights, and then each of them flies to his broomstick home — the same road by what was at the gathering.


NAUZNIK (Uzolnik, obavnik) — a medicine man, wondering imposing amulets nodules in the treatment of:"Koi zavyazuyut zverove and Mechka and gledat the water and zavezuyut detsa malechki."


OBLAKOPROGONNIKI — Wizard. There is a belief that witches can be worn in the clouds, producing thunderstorms, napuschat storms, rain and hail showers, can fool, ie obscure surroundings and objects in mist and giving them misleading images, make people see is not what it actually is.

Werewolves (Werewolves or volkolak) — souls of infants who die unbaptized, or soul sorcerers and apostates, condemned to wander forever and know no peace.
Werewolf usually shown at dusk and at night, with a wild howl and irresistible rapidity he rushes, throwing a cat, a dog, an owl, a rooster or a stone, thrown under the feet of the traveler and runs his way, he often rolled into a ball, a snow block, haystacks, and meet him in the woods scary beast or monster.
Werewolves "thrown off for a time" themselves witches or "Wrapped" unbaptized infants, girls, deprived himself of life, or sorcerers, if "Sorcerer sold his soul to the devil".
Werewolves — being temporary, being such that at a time when demand different circumstances (eg, desire for revenge, and even make fun of.)
Turning a wolf, a person gains a voice and destructive tendencies of the beast of the forest is removed, attacking travelers and animals and tormented by hunger wildly howling, and even eats carrion.

Opoitsev — A creature that bites into the living body and sucking his blood like a leech.


Owl — Wizards, witches, Opoitsev and generally people who are dedicated to the evil spirit, cursed and excommunicated from the church, on the death of his not rot because the mother-land of cheese does not accept them, they come out of the graves at night, wander around their former homes and are to friends and neighbors.

Hexes (portezhnik) — Sorcerer. Witches gather poisonous herbs and roots, prepare them otravnoe drug and use it to perdition people, in regional dialects "Poison"indicated by the words: damage, Portage.


Herbalist (Korenschitsa) — sorceress, witch.

TRAVOVED — Sorcerer.


Ghoul (Vampire) — a dead man, who in his lifetime had sorcerer vovkulakom and generally rejected the church, such as: suicide Opoitsev, heretics, apostates and damn parents.
According to the Ukrainians, ghouls nascent connection by lascivious vovkulaka or trait with witches. In the dead of night from the comfort of their graves where they are incorruptible corpses, ghouls take various images, fly through the air, on horses roam the neighborhood, to raise a noise and frighten travelers, or get into the house and suck the blood out of sleepy people who have followed then surely die, especially like they suck the blood of babies.
Dawn cock crow makes vampire instantly disappear and throws him to the ground bleeding — in a perfect insensibility.
As the night to a woman, ghoul begins to pry, as shirts are prepared in order to respond to confiscation suck out her blood. Smart woman shall, as longer extend his story, and therefore first describes: a sow flax, as it is collected and soaked, then speaks of yarns, fabrics, bleached fabrics and finally — about sewing shirts. While she has time to finish all these details, and roosters sing Geist lost.
They appear either in its form, or with blue faces, wrapped in a black cloak. Vampire can turn into a bat, pen, straw.
Child vampire can be identified by double rows of teeth. To terminate the ghoul must drive a wooden stake at the place of the tomb, where the chest of the deceased.
Ghouls — enemies Bereguinias. Cure is bitten by the vampire earth taken from his grave.
"Vampire, — is another matter, he always angry, he will be born from the devil and witches — or witches and vovkulaka. He lives an evil man. Ghouls do not rot in their graves, they come out at night and sucking the blood of sleeping, suck them to death " (NA Markovich. "Customs, beliefs, cuisine and drinks Little Russians").
"Vanya has — can not take a step.
God! thinks poor,
This is true, gnawing bones
Krasnoguby Ghoul " 
(AS Pushkin. "Ghoul").


Charmer (Magician) — one who is able to make charms — superstitious, mysterious rites, which are performed on the one hand, to reject the various misfortunes, for exorcism, healing diseases repatriated family happiness and satisfaction, and on the other to Corrupts the various misfortunes of their enemies and bring them into the power of evil, tormenting demons.


Whisperers — The so-called healers just for those "conspiracies" or mysterious words that are whispered over a patient or drug.
Conspiracies are, or by word of mouth from teachers, or from written sources in abundance spread among the literate rural population, called "Flowerbed", "herbalist" and"Lechebnik".
The main difference between sorcerers and healers is that the first hidden from the people and try to wrap your craft impenetrable mystery, while the latter work in the open and without a cross and prayer do not proceed to the point: even their healing spells, basically, consist of prayer references to God and the saints, as healers.
Sorcerer acts often for inspiration: allow yourself to fudge their methods and means, as long as they looked impressive and even intimidating.
Witch Doctor is also the beaten track and is afraid of tripping, holding, "flower garden" or instructions pokoynichki-priest.

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