Difficulties in the treatment and prevention of alcoholism

Difficulties in the treatment and prevention of alcoholism

Complexity in preventive work with abusers of alcohol, is that they usually do not seek help. The initiative in the appeal usually does not come from these people, and from those who forcefully suggests. Most of the individuals who abuse alcohol dependence dictated by the nature of it — it is not understood by those who tormented her in the advanced stages of alcoholism as a result of acts of devices anosognosia.

The denial of "alcohol problems" extensively vserasprostraneno middle of abusing alcohol, and lack of adverse effects virtually eliminates the voluntary appeal for preventive care. It is also often delayed because of shortcomings or lack of active impacts on drinking by others. High school students and vocational school students, for example, fall into the field of view in relation to the facts of alcohol abuse as the main way for all that commit various violations of public order and get registered in the children's room police.

Not the least, and often a large part of systematic drug alcohol student leaders known for stunning and vocational masters, but a special warning work with them is usually not carried out on account of the adolescent drug treatment rooms, they should be put. A similar situation is observed in a number of production companies — even no preventive effect against persons regularly consuming alcohol in the workplace, walk through alcoholism, particularly if these individuals agree to work on Sundays and days of overtime, with "rush job" performance targets.

In the families of the popular judgment is often covered with a clear abuse of alcohol ladies. Passivity in the prevention of alcohol abuse is peculiar to many institutions work public is not compatible with a diagnosis of "chronic alcoholism"- In the fleets, airports, etc. Preventive measures are very difficult in an environment that is tolerant of persons" suspected "of alcoholism, for example in certain student groups, a ladies' production teams. The high rate of alcoholism in the middle of pregnant women ask for caesarean section, abortion, which is emphasized in obstetrics. As follows, prophylaxis Alcohol should be active, aimed at identifying persons in need, where can, in practice, be used successfully socio-psychological techniques "competent judges."

Preventive work with abusing alcohol should be carried out in homogeneous groups on the floor. The result of preventive measures, and increase drug literacy, yet, unfortunately, not been achieved, should be the formation in industrial enterprises, institutions, educational collectives special climate of intolerance to violations of labor discipline and public order caused by alcoholism.

For alcohol abuse and alcoholism patients have only one chance to be a worthy member of the team — to achieve sobriety, if not their own, then using the drug service workers and temperance societies.

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