Dim Mak — the art of delayed death

About this forbidden fighting techniques known to few, only a select few students to master holding Dim Mak — the art of delayed death, passed their secret knowledge to a slight touch of hands to kill a man. And the death of the enemy could come as soon, and through hours, days, weeks — in exactly the intended master term.

Therefore, it is logical to think strange incident that happened to Bruce while shooting one of his last films. He had a long working out one of the tricks and could not get what he wanted. Suddenly, from the extras to Bruce stranger approached and offered him a very effective embodiment of the stunt. Intrigued, Lee went out with him on the set. They stood facing each other, the stranger suddenly struck Bruce short but very strong blow to the head. The actor lost consciousness and collapsed as knocked down.

During the pandemonium when everyone rushed to lying to Bruce, the man who inflicted the blow, as if dissolved in air. It turned out that no one knew him, and he was not registered with the crowd. Later, one of the make-up remembered that day in the locker room came a man, took his clothes and said a strange phrase: "He must die!"

Many believe that the stranger was a killer, "Triad", possession of equipment blows delayed death. After such an attack, and a person can die in 2 months, and in the years since the attack, it all depends on what program introduced into the body of the victim master deathtouch. Perhaps it was this mysterious man hit and caused the death of Bruce Lee.

Some researchers believe celebrity biographies that Bruce regularly paid tribute mobsters from the "Triad", which once may have been given the money for his first film. But the day came when Little Dragon decided that he gave all with interest and refused to "care" Mafia. That's why his early death is very strange, because it was followed almost immediately after his break with the Mafia.

Monstrous Science Experiment.

In the East, after the sudden death from "natural causes" any celebrities often encountered rumors that it is another victim of the killer holding secret "delayed death touch." The fact that these rumors are not groundless, saw in 1957, a martial arts master John F.Gilbi. During his stay in Taiwan boxer O Hsyn Yang gave the urgent request of the foreigner and get to know some details of this highly classified art of fighting.

As a demo "benefits" Chinese boxer chose … his son, Al Lin. In the presence of Gilbli he easily hit his son in the stomach. More precisely, it was not even no impact — just a harmless touch, which did not bring no pain or any visible damage. After that, the O-Hsyn Yang suggested alien watch son.

Two days Gilby literally never left Al Lin, but the guy was quite happy and did not show any signs of illness. But early in the second half of the third day, a guy suddenly lost consciousness and fell. But next to him was instantly Hsyn O-yang, as if he knew the day and hour when you need his help. By massage and herbal infusions, he cited Al Lin in a sense, but still it took him about three months to fully restore the health of his son.

Monstrous, though demonstration experiment! Although a master of Dim Mak, which was about Hsyn-Yan, sure knows how to neutralize them running program of death, the risk healthy son to many of us seem foolhardy.
"The art of the poisonous hands."

A person who is a victim of, Dim Mak, dies at first sight of the unknown causes, but an autopsy is usually shows on the natural disease, although it is unclear how arisen. That's why the killer, who owns a similar technique, is a real boon to any criminal group. You can eliminate a very powerful individuals, and thus no one would never call their death death.

Dim Mak and is sometimes called "the art of poison control." The analogy with the poison in this case is very clear. Poison can kill both immediately and over the hours, days, weeks — it all depends on the type and dosage, deathtouch acts like a poison injected into the body, depending on the selected points on the body, it can also kill instantly or hit the victim in a certain period.

That is why the ancient masters Dim Mak learn the trade only selected students, focusing not only on their physical condition, UQ and the moral quality of their personality. The student must have a balanced character and a sense of justice. Such deadly knowledge did not have to get to those who would use them for their own selfish purposes.

At first glance uninitiated it may seem that a similar technique called art not. Well, why not? — Learn a couple of dozen, though secret, points, touch where you want — that's the whole "science" … However, such a view is fundamentally not true.

This is actually the real art!

Points on the human body., Who must know the master, not two dozen, a hundred: the number of points associated with the nerve endings of the most important bodies, 700. True, most master Dim Mak used in practice about 150. Except for the points that were used to defeat the enemy, the student to know and point man for healing, and a lot of time was devoted to the study of ancient Chinese medicine.

It was not enough to know only certain points, and it was necessary to remember the exact time of their activation, no wonder the masters was a saying: "Before the strike, look at the sun." The fact that the blood with varying intensity provides the internal organs and the surface of the body at different times of day.

Therefore, depending on the time of day chosen for the destruction of the enemy body as the blood supply, or a part of the body where fov is closer to the surface.

One had to know how hard and at what angle to hit a particular point. The angle, direction and strength of pressing depended and healing effect of the treatment. Also, had a value which hand and which finger was conducted on the impact of the point! The fact is that each finger represents a specific element: large — wood element, the index — earth, medium — water, ring — fire, little finger — metal.

To become a master of Dim Mak, you had to master your body energy, to be able to manage life (mental) energy — the so-called "qi" (sometimes also called prana, the "chi" or "ki"). With qi energy can kill a wild animal or look human, naked stay warm on the cold lyutom.

Therefore it is extremely important to learn how to store this vital energy, it can be put to use on the. Day will defeat an opponent, his defense or healing others. This energy is always used in military practice. Master mobilizes Qi, and concentrates it at the touch of the enemy as if discharged into his body. This emotionally rich blow in its consequences far more dangerous than the usual, albeit a very strong one.

If the body breaks down the flow of qi, and this can happen after exposure to the master Dim Mak, is razbalaisirovka human energy field, and the result comes disease. B duel with anergy chi fighter can not stop the bout, revive defeat opponents body, relieve acute pain. After accumulating enough "portion of" chi, a fighter can use it as a kind of armor to protect against energy attacks.

About toga what value s martial arts has the energy of chi, showed clearly the lesson that taught students at one time a black belt in karate Hirokachu Kanazawa. First, the wizard one blow broke three bricks laid on top of each other, and then picked up three new brick, again put them at each other and said that now he would send his ki (Japanese symbol qi) only on average brick. Followed by a sharp blow, followed by a cry of rage, and the disciples saw that only the middle split brick …

Perhaps, it is clear that the real master Dim Mak must have enormous knowledge, including not only the above, but much more, in particular — the ability to see and "read" the aura of a person to have an idea of the effect on the bodies and health of the moon, sun and planets, just to be able to convince the psychological impact of such terror to the enemy, that there is no need for any very match.

It should be noted that in the East mastering martial arts is not only considered as receiving skills of defense and attack and improving the physical condition of the body, but also as a way to promote a spirit of knowledge and the amazing capabilities of the human body. This need to remember all those who want to stat invincible.

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