Dmitry Bondarenko. Portrait against a lattice

A strange feeling of not letting me to the end of December all the time, constantly feel that they are, my friends, very close, within a five minute walk from my house. From my tower to the KGB prison is not directly a kilometer …

We met fifteen years ago. I remember my first impression in front of me is a typical revolutionary — guarded, prickly, unyielding. I never liked those.

And to Dmitri, at first, wary: the hell with it, with Lukashenko, the time will come — with him will understand! But the revolution is not, sorry, it's not for me, I do not like it.

As time passed, years passed, and the "popularly elected" was still in power. Despite my dislike of the revolution, I still had in it a note: with Bondarenko was one of the applicants march "way to live."

Marsh, of course, beaten with clubs, I planted in Akrestsin — do not worry, served the company in the chamber was good: young people from the "Bison" and Shchukin. With them sitting not too difficult: after all, next to good people!

The solidarity action in Minsk. September 16, 2009

When transported to jail in a paddy remember the wonderful scene: Khalezin of vertuhai discuss our march, Khalezin behind bars Vertuhay sits beside him on the bench. And thinks, you have to come up with economic demands, then we would have all the support! And so it is, with knowledge of the matter said, gravely, drawing out the words and explaining these fools of the opposition, how to live!

And we are just an economic slogan and then went out! A beaten and arrested We have the same dropout who settled on the warm places, became the "siloviki" and receive for their "hard work" more than other professors and academics.

No intelligence is not knowledge govern our society, and aggressive ignorance and savagery.

It was four o'clock in the morning, his eyes were closing, but the brain works: it was then that I realized that I was involved not in revolution but in the liberation of their land from invaders! Then finally realized and the firmness of Dmitri Bondarenko is one thing — to organize a revolution, and quite another — to fight the invaders. Here, there can be no compromise!

My father, the Commander of the Order of Glory, also fought against the invaders, and, thank God, has returned from the war and found my mother, and they are after a terrible war, after breaking up, I did.

The father brought the war a lot of injuries and a hand that dries. He was a Jew, who was awarded four medals "For Courage", and they were given only when a crowbar was given the Star of the Hero.

From the point of view of many of today's heroes, he was a fool with a trophy of war is not brought back, but skied through a minefield, crawling on his belly in the mud under heavy fire with his walkie-talkie. A smart, meanwhile, sat in zagradatradah were political officers worked in the NKVD and packed their bags stolen junk.

"Fools" mined victory, and "smart" survived and were arranged. God, this is similar to what what's going on in our society today! Here and Dima, and Andrew and Ira, and Anatoly, and Anastasia, and Natasha, and hundreds of others — they are all the same breed of "Fools": right in front of them other enemies.

Political prisoners Dmitry Bondarenko and Dashkevich

However, other? Remember how Bondarenko, Sannikov and Bebenina attacked the Nazis from RNE? In the center of Minsk, near the area of Victory! The guys said, although since then, Dima and broken back. This injury, combat injury, making him a lot of suffering today in the KGB prison. And keep him in the prison those who raised the young fascists, who, in fact, created these gangs.

It is no coincidence that these later I RNE members have already started to learn from those thugs in identical black suits and black hats that appear on each share of the opposition and that with pleasure beat old men and women.

About them, about people like them, wrote Ales Adamovich — punitive.

We like to say that we are a country that defeated fascism. In my opinion, it is a common lie, first, in the USSR never fought against fascism — fought with the Nazi invaders, the occupiers, but with fascism as the ideology has never been a war.

This is first. And second, even worse, in the prewar years of repression, during and after the war was grim process that destroyed the society: the best die and cowards, policemen and vertuhai survived and gave strong offspring.

The awarding of Charter 97. Sergei Parsyukevich, Dmitry Bondarenko, Alexander Barazenka, Andrew Kim

And now these same policemen and vertuhai came to power. They built the "Stalin Line" (which never happened!) They tried to destroy Kurapaty, dropping the cemetery Minsk wheel, and they are still hold us by the throat.

We, the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who won.

Will it have them?

With Kurapaty failed. I have a shot where the youth falls under the bulldozer blade, not giving power to hide the traces of the greatest crimes against the people. There, in the chain of youth and Dmitry Bondarenko.

They were then burned, strangled, beaten, but were forced to make concessions.
I look at these pictures, on the face of Dima Bondarenko and think: where power?
The answer came recently when Will Bondarenko, wife of Dima, I read excerpts from his prison letters. What does he say? On the love of God and that, in fact, one and the same, for God is love.

Dmitry and Olga Bondarenko

Always there is a tragic and funny. Here I write these lines, and I think: why? It would be nice if the camera would be put to Dima Filaret! Maybe even Dmitry Exarch would be able to explain that the soul — it's not vodka and cigarettes, and that it is not good to trade. All the more so bad trade Almighty and award on behalf of provocateurs and sadists.

It is said that to truly love can only strong people.

Dima knows how to love, and so it is strong.

Those who are trying it — do not know how to love.

There are weak. They dream that we all have Romanchuk — traitors and scoundrels. And angry that we are different. And hate us even more. So, weakening with each passing day more and more.

A win strong, such as Dima, Andrew, Ira, Anatoly …

And if we have a conscience, if we are the descendants of those who won — we will help them.

Yuri Khaschevatsky, director, film "Ordinary President", "size", "Gods of the hammer and sickle", "Lobotomy", and others.


Portrait against a lattice

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