Dmitry Bondarenko


Dmitry Bondarenko

Social activist, member of the NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists." Born in Minsk on September 28, 1963.

In 1984 he graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture.

In1995-1996 years. worked on the independent Radio 101.2 FM, closed by the authorities.

One of the founders of the civil initiative "Charter 97", coordinator of the civil campaign "European Belarus".

During the 2010 presidential election was an activist of Staff presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. He was arrested on Dec. 20 in his apartment and placed in the KGB detention center. Originally against him was charged under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code (riots), Which provides for up to 15 years in prison freedom, but on April 4, it was changed to a lighter.

Dmitry Bondarenko was charged under part 1 of Article 342 Criminal Code (Organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation in them). Article punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to six months, or restraint of liberty for a term not exceeding three years, or imprisonment at the same time.

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