Do not wake a sleeping Tanya-fa!

November 24, 2011 15:19

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Mythical monster threatens multi-billion rail tunnel in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. The project is on the verge of collapse after the members of the Maori — the indigenous population — expressed their disagreement with the fact that the tunnel has to pass through the countries, has long been owned by … ancient monsters!
Oakland authorities regard the draft cross-city rail link, which will cost 2.6 billion New Zealand dollars, as vital to tackle congestion.

However, Glenn Wilcox, a member of the Maori, said at a meeting at City Hall that the development of the construction project engineers ignored the Aboriginal beliefs and do not bother to consult them. But the land on which the Oakland, long owned the old taniwha, who initially "were here first."

Taniwha (pronounced fa-Thani), depicted as a dragon like creature, play a major role in the folklore of the Maori. These supernatural monsters are constantly hibernating underground, but the first call of awakening and protect people, brutally cracking down on their opponents.

"They are our guardians and guardian spirits, but they can also punish people if they do not like what we do," — said Wilcox.

As evidence, he cited the example of the construction in 2002 of the 12 km of high-speed stretch of motorway between Auckland and Waikato Hamilton, who also held the lands taniwha. As a result, nearby roads suddenly increased several times the number of fatal car accidents.

Those who live in the area of construction of a new highway, local Aboriginal tribe Ngati ngaho said, then, that so taniwha in his opposition, and Ranginui Walker, a respected Maori academic, warned the builders: "You have to immediately calm the deity. Do not tempt fate, or the new highway will be the "road of death!"

Agency for road construction New Zealand very seriously the concerns of Maori. Representatives of the construction company met with the leaders of local tribes, listened to their arguments, and then said that road builders will continue to focus on the specific documents, which referred to the need to respect the beliefs of Maori.

After that meeting the agency to "freeze" is put into operation, "controversial" plot line and started new construction, bypassing land taniwha. Along with this decision, the number of car accidents on local roads, as if by magic, began to decline sharply!

EACH MYTH some truth

According to the beliefs of Maori, taniwha shall ensure that the laws and taboos Aboriginal strictly adhered to, protect their people from invaders invasion, warning of the approach of the enemy, and come to the rescue in an emergency, for example, save the drowning and severely punish those responsible.

Appetite ancient monster is appalling: angry, tani-fa easily able to swallow twenty soldiers in full combat weaponry or unleash on people pestilence, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Most taniwha moved underground, shaking the ground and at the same time they are doing a lot of destruction in its path. According to legend, many bays and harbors of New Zealand islands is created underground monsters.

Communicate with them only through selected oracles. Only they know how to appease the fearsome protector, and they also pass the "will» taniwha other members of the tribe. It is clear that New Zealand scientists, and not just by the way they relate to the Maori belief in underground monsters with respect, but skeptical. According to them, taniwha — a myth, which is not less than 800 years.

Recently, however, they were forced to admit that the giant bird-eating te pouakai, another popular character, which is found in the legends of the Maori people, there was in fact!

The huge bird with a red crest on the head and yellow-green plumage in "fairy tales" kill and eat large animals and humans.

Explorer Julius von Haast in 1870 was discovered in a swamp on one of the islands of New Zealand bone unknown huge bird. Having studied the find, he came to the conclusion that the birds feed on carrion, and gave it the name Harpagornis moorei.

Taniwha shall ensure that the laws and taboos Aboriginal strictly adhered to, protect their people from the invading aggressors
140 years later, the researchers analyzed the skeleton Harpagornis moorei more closely and concluded that the weight of an ancient bird could reach 20 pounds, wingspan — three meters, and she was able to attack at least for children.

Hold the baby's body winged predator helped long claws of not less than tiger.

In light of this discovery could ask the question: if there were "mythical» te pouakai, does not this mean that somewhere under the ground to this day preserved and live taniwha?

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