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Yesterday in Moscow, opened the first toll road. The opening ceremony of speed section 48 — 71 km of the road M-4 "Don" pleased with my hearing the solemn sound of "Farewell of Slav". While the track is paid only on paper — money for travel has not asked for. Work not get free run mode will be another month. Drivers are given time to adjust mentally and financially. Testing will end June 15, and it was then already have to fork out for the convenience.

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Highway "Don" — one of the busiest in Russia. For a modest fee of one ruble per kilometer Highways promises to relieve motorists of traffic jams. The truth is the price for the cars are, the trucks will have to pay four times as much. Do not you want to — there is a free stand-in, but, in my opinion, in this terrible traffic jam will burn more fuel, and the time you lose. And then a fast ride — the speed limit is 110 km / h

In fact, by world standards, prices are inexpensive. Travel from the beginning to the end will be worth $ 1 and $ 4, respectively. For comparison, in the U.S. drive on the highway Chicago Skyway will cost $ 3.5 for motorcycles and cars and from $ 16.80 to $ 23.60 for trucks, depending on the time of day. And despite the fact that the track is shorter — only 12 miles away. And in France so do almost all the highways — are paid.

You can even pay cash, although credit card, or buy a smart card. There is another method of payment, which is quite surprised — never met before with that. It is called a transponder. It's such a small box, which can be rented and that the system sees and recognizes itself and automatically opens the gate. That is, do not even have to stop, just slow down a little. Innovation in action.

The road waiting for nearly 3.5 years, while the reconstruction was carried out. As a result, the highway running "smart" traffic control system, two new interchanges, and increased the number of lanes from four to six. Also in the area have made lighting, emergency point, information boards, cameras and noise barriers.
During an inspection of the reconstructed site heard some grumbling journalist that, well, Swingin '. Of course, it was the case, but it seemed to me that the problem is not on the road, and in the transport, on which rode. Will need to go there, test again have their own car :)

Anyway, looks very tasty. Will this also be the case at the time will show — no wonder drivers were given a month of testing. I think if the system will work quickly and will not cause traffic jams, the innovation would be in demand.

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