Dollar exchange rate reaches 5,200 rubles

Private banks have individual transactions of purchase and sale of foreign currency at the rate of 5200-5400 per 1 U.S. dollar (by 70-75% above the official rate), the representative of one of the banks.

Commenting Interfax market rate in the current recommendations of the National Bank of oral, which advises banks not to deal with dollars higher than 4500, the source stated: "The recommendations are. But banks already have extensive experience working in such conditions and have a set of" shadow "schemes that allow these recommendations bypass ".

Bank employees pointed out that the current situation "heavy expectations," in which now are banks. Banks expect from the National Bank for solutions to the alternative trading session of the stock exchange, which was announced at the beginning of last week.

April 26 The National Bank of Belarus rejected the idea of spending more currency trading on the exchange.

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