Dolls, bringing death

Dolls for a long time are the most favorite toy girls. Weakness, love to keep them for life and many women. But it was not always the case. Children play with dolls appeared relatively late in the XV century. And before that dolls are mainly used in magic and had a great importance in the commission of various, mostly black, aimed at causing evil rituals.

It is not surprising that members of the church with great suspicion and extreme malevolence refers to the appearance of dolls in the homes of believers. But the desire of girls as soon as possible to join the adult life, even through the game with dolls, was stronger. Gradually dolls coming into fashion. This is not surprising, there have always been artists who put their souls into creating masterpieces. They were made more and more beautiful and look like a man. But not always donated beautiful girl brought happiness, sometimes the opposite happens, sometimes associated with this gift of unhappiness and even tragedy. People began to notice that the doll, sometimes bringing a girl happiness at the same time took away health.

She was wrapped in a white towel with embroidery funeral. Bundle cloying smell of a mixture of naphthalene, old musty perfume, pepper and even some spices. Peeping from under the towel two tiny legs in tattered silk shoes. When it launched, she angrily glared at me with narrowed eyes, and do not take away your eyes for a minute. In Moscow, came from America "Cursed Doll".

Her story began in 1922 in a small American town, Key West, Florida. Charles made a puppet master Uinkoks, a member of the occult Order of the "Golden Dawn". The Order was founded in the early XX century "the beast of the Apocalypse" by Aleister Crowley, were part of a sect of such famous and rich people like Bram Stoker, Howard Lafkraft, Ron Haggard. Rumor has it that in the "Dawn" was part of the designer and sunk "Titanic." Each member of the Order of fond something special.

Bram Stoker, for example, studied lycanthropy (werewolves). For a lot of money, he bought a figure of a man-wolf of sandalwood, which belonged to Vlad the Impaler, Dracula. When Stoker died of a heart attack, he clutched this figure.

And about Charles Uinkokse was a legend that dolls made with his hands deterred the spirit of death that a sick child by holding a doll, will be able to live a little more. It was rumored that he makes the dolls in the images of dead children from the orphanage of St. Augustine. And what a doll he sews up the hair and pieces of clothing these accidents.

When it became clear that Rosie MakKni — the only daughter of a very wealthy parents — sick anemia, they ordered Uinkoksu doll. Charles made a splendid young lady with a soft little body, wax hands, legs and head, dressed her in a dress of embroidered Chinese silk. As befits a lady of high society, the doll wore two skirts — top and bottom — and knickers. It was a damn-good and just as costly to the family MakKni, ready to do anything to save his daughter. But a few days after receiving the gift Rosie died in terrible agony, clutching a doll. She did not even have time to give their new darling name.

Rosie's parents have accused the puppet master in the child's death. But Uinkoks fled from the police and his fate is unknown. Doll could not be removed from the hands of Rosie, they were buried together. After a while, the police uncovered the tomb to check the corpse of a poisoning, but the toys in the hands of Rosie was not there.

Once again, she showed up in 12 years. In 1934, Rosie's mother, Mary Vanessa MakKni, found a similar doll in a junk shop and bought it. Soon after, doctors diagnosed her symptoms of mental disorder. Then his father died Rosie — under very strange circumstances. Mother completely fell into madness, the estate fell into disrepair. And in 1952, Mary Vanessa jumped out the window, clutching a bloody doll. Neighbors found her when she struggled in its death throes, and kept repeating one single phrase: "Oh, Bailey-Baby!" So the doll was named. By the way, the Chaldeans in Babylon was the god of darkness and the dawn of time, and called him "Baal." In the Middle Ages the name "Baal" ("Ball", "baile") called demon. And there is a Mexican shaman demon "Buy-loo", the keeper of nightmares and devourer of hair. Why did the mother died Rosie chose this name for a toy — is unknown.

(By the way buy-Lo probably just means "doll-baby." And now also produce porcelain babies named Bai Lo … (note))

Above the house MakKni long hung curse, until 1969 in the United States has not come "boom of occultism." The house was turned into a museum. But … builders that forged the alarm has flatly refused to enter the room where it was exhibited Bailey Baby. Insurance agent, making an inventory of the property, came out of "her" room, fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Dogs guard pursed tails and ran away. Twice tried to burn the doll unknown, but it barely burns. In 1995, Bailey-Baby disappeared (probably been stolen or sold) from a museum in Key-West. The owner of the museum promised $ 1,000 finder it, put ads on the Internet about the loss. The doll was found in New York — it was bought by a group of Satanists "Number of the Beast", the American journalist Anthony Price. Next version of her fate bifurcate.

On one of them, Price in 2003. -Baby Bailey gave the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, which is considered the nerve center of the American neo-cons. The legendary doll was brought to Moscow to visit the Rotary Club on Halloween 2005. She stayed 3 days in Moscow, and the entire top of the Rotary Club during that time managed to enjoy one of the major occult myths of our century.

In the second version, immediately after the purchase, Anthony Price presented the doll to open in 1998 in the Moscow Museum of horror, magic and superstition. The same one who once coexisted with the restaurant "The Castle of Mephisto." Times benevolent interest in such things in Russia quickly passed. Now this museum you will not find in the search engines. But, according to rumors, the true Bailey baby and is now at an amateur mystics Vlad Tauneshu. Doll lives near Moscow, and gaining "strength". Domestic cats also live in the country, feel it, and already shy away from Bailey baby.

A little history of dolls

The first description of humanoid dolls have in Egyptian mythology. After the god Khnum created from clay the first man and woman, the human race has multiplied.

In the XII century the priests were made of wax likeness patient and silver needle pierced unhealthy place. Since then much has changed, and piercing needles dolls became the exclusive privilege of the sorcerers.

So far in Africa conjure something like this: make clay figures of a man stuck in their glass, branches and put his head into the creek upstream. When the water washes away the clay to the end, with the man a misfortune. Known English doll whose arms, legs and head are made of porcelain, and the body looks like a box. Inside the box is put little notes with spells.

We decided to give my old dolls. "Mary Doll, doll Dasha … Just kids got older …" In China and Japan, for example, toys, from which you grew up, burn. It is believed that by giving the other their toys, shoes, clothes, you give a part of their energy.

And this terrible thing happened at the end of 1996, all in the same America. Statement by wandering the streets of New York's very extravagant witch named La Toya Wee (like a heroine Whoopi Goldberg from the movie "Ghost"). Wondered — sometimes for food, sometimes for a reason. Muttered something under his breath. Also it was necessary to happen that she did not love the one crafty girl ten. I must say, for the cause of dislike: that drove her in every possible way, teasing and showed Latoya language. The witch began to track down the girl, street grubiyanka scared and complained to her parents. Those sued, and the most humane court in the world banned Latoya approach the girl's family. Here is our witch realized that her defense in her hands. A week after the trial that caught fidgety akseleratku and stuck it to her doll. After that, the humming went away.

The girl liked the doll, the parents too. But … First baby stopped sleeping at night. Then he refused to even go into their own room. In households began headaches. A few days later spread throughout the apartment nauseating smell. Scary? It turned out that the witch had sewn a doll torso piece of raw meat. He began to decay — hence the smell.

Arrived in Moscow Bailey-Baby passed the examination. Inside, she was diagnosed with human hair and cloth with blood, possibly human. X-rays showed that the doll's head has a little note. Most likely, it says the name of the master, but it is possible that it contains a spell. In the eyes of the Bailey-Baby (pupils from porcelain coated glass) — earth crumbs. Not the funeral if it is connected? Or they hit the doll's eyes as she left the grave of his first small lady? ..

How could affect the "dead" puppets on people's lives? According to some researchers in parapsychology, the dolls are not quite dead, not quite alive. There are 3 most accepted hypothesis to explain the danger of contact with dolls.

People are in a state of trance, emotional recovery, intuitive faith in what is happening, are able to "revive" the image.

Look to the harmless fuss girls with dolls. They sincerely believe that the dolls are alive, and unconsciously trying to give them life. For them, the doll is not a toy but a living creature.

This belief led to the fact that under the influence of a child, the doll in the game, according to Yevgeny Golovin, to some extent, does become a "living" entity. Kids playing with a doll, quite unconsciously make certain sacred act in which part of the bio-energy child goes into a soulless image.

That's what tells Golovin on the properties of "being", who settled in the doll, mannequin, statue, "Mannequin in shop window — what could be more innocent? But this is not a dummy, it is a living being sinister. Creator of the dummy did not know how to revive him, and did not realize that came out of his hands. But he did deal with love, "and through this" love "in a doll, a mannequin passed part of his life, which, of course, attach a life of these images.

In our world, everything happens unconsciously, spontaneously. This "being" turned out Vampiric requiring care. Officially reported cases where "being" suddenly disappeared in the night and appeared at dawn. It is not clear, it's fantastic, but — the fact. And that's just talking about the fact that playing with dolls is an alarming reality. When the energy is transferred to the person he created objects, then the magical point of view is clear — things begin to live a special life.

Since there are strange dolls, mystical things. They happen to people far from mysticism.

Students Yaroslavl Theatre Institute told stories about his relationship with the dolls from which literally 'blood run cold in my veins. "

One of the graduates called his relationship with dolls ritual: "To master the doll, you need to give up their best qualities that we believe the best … Puppeteer only take place when fully with all refuse. It's like a double dimension. Here I once felt it, I am not headed doll, a doll led me. She even led my thoughts. I can not explain it. But when it all turns out — the doll comes to life … I do not know how. "

And on one property Puppet show students: "The most interesting thing happens when a person makes a doll, and she looks like him, and it is — its particle."

It is not always the communication between man and doll like the creative process, sometimes it reminds mysticism. Students made dolls to the formulation of the den. Ole got an unusual doll: "I had to make Death. And I made it home. She took a white cloth, was wearing the wire, made a mask. And then I started a wild depression, I cried and cried. My grandmother looked at me and did not understand what was happening. And here I'm talking to her for some reason, "Burn Death." She somehow knew and burned in a bucket doll death. I felt like it was burning a doll. It took me all: hysterical, crying, convulsions, which beat me. "

Communication with the dolls were not lost on the students. They had a question about the role of creator as a "priest", which is expressed through the doll encased in a higher power: "There is a question about the inner life of creation, and in connection with it — on the renewal of creation, its exit from the power of the creator and revenge."

There is another way of turning dolls in the "energy vampire" living through a continuous energy supply from the people around him. American paranormal investigator Joanne Pileer believes that we are surrounded by small "essence." They consume mental energy that a person spends in their joyful, or, conversely, bitter experiences. It is easiest to get it from the kids. To do this, the "essence" try to get closer to them. They lodge in toys and dolls. It is to them as children have expressed desire to ensure inflow of energy to the "essence". And this flow of energy often costs the child is expensive, causing disease, often leading to death.

Killing people dolls sometimes come to us from the East. They forcibly entered malevolent entity. The reasons for such a "deal" a few.

According to the Buddhist religion, the world is filled with many evil spirits — singdomo. These creatures are engaged in only one case. They kidnap "breathing" of the people and animals and bring them to the temple UBM-Khang. It is in the Samye monastery on the banks of the sacred river Brahmaputra. A person who has stolen the "breath", falls ill and dies. With the malign spirits are fighting the holy lama. They caught the spirits — Eaters of breath, and embedded in clay figures.

"Souvenir" buy the tourists. And together with the figure of a house falls devourer of breath, carrying death.

There is another way to enter into the spirit in the figure. Even before coming to Tibet Buddhist religion there existed a rather sinister cult boom. One of the many dark rituals committed by priests Beaune, is the ritual killing of enemies. That the spirit of the deceased could not revenge, it inspire specially made for this figure. Then her "vparivayut" visitors to tourists, so they took away the spirit of the enemy away from home. It is not difficult to guess that the relocation of the spirit is not so nourishing to the new owners of love. He rages, trying to find his way home, and unleashes his anger on the people, causing them to disease.

Ufologists, mysticism, representatives of various religions in different ways explain the causes of the deadly dangers posed by toy little men, so that the children love to play.

But one thing they are united — the dolls are perceived by most people as "dead" objects. In fact, they not only live, but also determine the life of its owner.



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