Dominican Republic: The Mystery of Christopher Columbuss burial




A place where there are real remains of Christopher Columbus, may forever remain a mystery, if the government of the Dominican Republic does not allow Spanish scientists to conduct appropriate research.

This was stated by University of Granada professor and director of the genetics laboratory Jose Antonio Lorente, who more than a year has been researching the question of where is really buried the great explorer.

According to one version, the ashes of Columbus rests in a crypt in the cathedral of Seville, on the other — in the Cathedral of the Dominican Republic capital Santo Domingo. This study proved to be very difficult, because in the tomb of Columbus in Seville are just 150 g. the dust.

Only after the geneticist did some additional research in the laboratories of Dallas in the United States, where there is a more advanced technology developed for the identification of victims of terrorist attacks September 11, 2001, he came to a conclusion that is stored in the cathedral of Seville remains most likely belong to the discoverer of America . Lorente stressed that the issuance of 100% of the verdict should be carried out a study of the remains stored in Santo Domingo.

Dominican authorities have given permission for such a study, which will also be held in Dallas. The study is scheduled for completion by 2006, marking the 500th anniversary of the explorer's death.

However, last week, Laurent, who was to arrive in Santo Domingo on February 14, has received a notice from the Dominican authorities in which they are asked not to come until the issue is resolved the relevant committee.

The authorities of the Dominican Republic said that postponing the trip Lorente on "short time", but the scientist is sure that the permissions on the analysis of DNA, "Dominican" the dust of Columbus, he does not get it. He believes that in Santo Domingo are simply not interested to know where it is actually the remains, for they are convinced that they are buried in Santo Domingo.

Battery News, 31.01.2005 10:42
Source: RIA "Novosti"

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