Drone strike eliminated the main Pakistani terrorist

Drone strike eliminated a key Pakistani terrorist

Just a few hours after Pakistan said that due to South American aivaudara UAV destroyed one of the most wanted terrorist in the country favorites, in the north-west Pakistan in a bomb blast killed 6 people.

According to the police, resulting in an explosion that occurred at a bus stop in the town of Matane that near Peshawar, around 10 people were injured.

On Saturday, the sources of intelligence Pakistan said that the main favorite "Al Qaeda" Ilyas Kashmir and eight militants were killed as a result of the attack on positions in South Waziristan.

Vozglavyaemaya Kashmir HUJI militant outfit confirmed the message of his death, saying he died "a martyr" on Friday.

Intelligence agencies believed Kashmir one of the more insecure and well-trained terrorist favorites. Pakistani authorities suspect him of organizing an attack last month on a naval base Pakistan in Karachi.

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