Druids — Magic Plants

December 11, 2011 17:45

Druids used: Incense and oils from elderberry, has a protective effect, and pagans and Christians used to bless the children. They also put into the funeral fire to protect the deceased.

Elderberries were used in ancient British burial rites, it is associated with the Mother Goddess. Within the plant live spirits, fairies, so it bleeds when ripping.

Magical uses: Elderberries — very friendly plant with great spiritual and protective power. Once you try elderberry, it will become your close friend. If even just a walk under the elder, it will take you under his wing.
The plant is sometimes called the Mother elder garden, which grows elder, blessed. Elderberries lightning protection, disease, help in the predictions. As the elder emits very strong spiritual energy, it will strengthen even the faintest desire: to be careful walking past her. Next to flowering tree very well to practice magic.

When collecting berries avoid injury elder, not to incur the trouble. Egoists is not worth picking berries: elder of people do not like and will certainly punish him. The leaves are harvested in mid-summer morning, when the dew has dried. Taking the timber, be sure to say: "Mrs. Elder, give me a tree, and I will give you my when it grows in the forest." If the heart of the history of the evil thoughts, and followed all the posts, and the necessary preparations, you can see the spirits of trees — Dryads, having spent the night in a grove of elderberries.

Elder cane preserves and protects the traveler from the dangerous beasts and evil spirits. When wearing elder protects against any attacks. hang it over the door — and will not enter into the house of evil. Elder also has the power to neutralize black magic spells. To sanctify man, thing or place — throw leaves or elderberry directly on the object.

Place the berries under the pillow, if you have trouble falling asleep. Wear the plant to protect the temptations the whoredoms. Elderberry is not recommended digging, uproot, as this can lead to a person's death, misery and disease, as well as the loss of livestock.

The plants in magic

During the rites of money put a bunch of grapes on the desk.
— Symbol of oregano is used for cash affirmations and put in a bag.
— Image peas bring good luck and success in business, and peas are used in monetary wishes.
— Image of mint leaves should be bright green. Put it in your purse, wallet, or in a place where you used to lay money.
— Picture of tea leaves to burn on the white candle to gain future wealth. For the same purpose it is useful to put into everyday bag. You can not bother drawing the plants, and cut out the image with the tea leaf packs of your favorite teas.
— Figure sorrel twist into a tube and this will make a metaphorical magic wand purify office.

The magical properties of wormwood, mugwort

Bath, which added wormwood clean from all evil. Burning wormwood drive out evil spirits, protect the home, friends, help the magical concentration. The plant is used in the predictions, it is useful in healing.

To gain strength during a long walk or jog, apply leaves of wormwood in shoes. Pillow stuffed with sage, will cause sleeping on her prophetic dreams. Wormwood-mugwort burned together with sandalwood or wormwood during the ritual of awakening psychic powers. The infusion of wormwood and honey drink before predictions. But what is important for ourselves: wormwood has a strong connection with the crystal ball and magic mirror: Flask plant is used for ablutions. To work successfully wormwood leaves placed around the magic mirror, or under it. According to ancient tradition, mugwort is useful to carry with you: in this case you will not poison with poison, not undergo an attack of wild animals, do not get sunstroke.

Wormwood is not allowed in the house of evil spirits and elves. In China, for this purpose the plant is hung over the door. In Japan, the witches use spells to bundle wormwood spirits of disease, it is believed that these spirits are afraid to smell mugwort. Wormwood are carrying for protection from back pain and other diseases of insanity. Wear it well, and in order to bring passion, virility. Amulets protect sage lovers while traveling from all troubles and promote sustainable return. Wormwood, standing next to the bed, help with astral projection. Wormwood oil is used for the consecration of crystal balls, prisms, mirrors and other magical predictive tools, especially of silver. Burning or thrown into the pot wormwood protects the house from storms and lightning protection of the occupants in the house of children.

When to collect plant? Wormwood to collect after the middle of the summer. Cook is not very strong brew. Gently wipe the mirror clean cloth, making a circular rotating motion. Adepts of various faiths — Christians, Buddhists, Hindus — can be sentenced with a daily mantra or prayer. Mugwort attracted to the magical power glass moon and helps her fully realized.

Calamus Swamp

Ritual use: Used in rituals associated with the increase of its power. On the feast of the Trinity fragrant calamus leaves littered the floors in homes, yards.

Magical uses: rhizome pounded into powder used in healing incense: wear it in her purse for the treatment of diseases. Small pieces of the rhizome, arranged at the corners of the kitchen, out of poverty and hunger. Airny root grown in the garden, the gardener brings good luck.


Ritual use: Ive used in worship, dedicated to various gods, especially Venus. Quince fruit is a symbol of fertility and marriage. In Greece quince symbolizes fertility, as well as food newlyweds: apple known Dionysus, dedicated to Venus.

Magical Uses: Carry a quince — this will protect against accidents, injury, evil. In ancient Rome, couples shared between the quince fruit of happiness. offer their favorite quince to strengthen loyalty. Pregnant women are advised to eat a quince to the next child to be smart.

Aloe vera

Ritual Uses: The plant was used for embalming, as protects from rotting. Aloe means on the one hand the bitterness, and the other — the honesty and wisdom.

Magical use: Aloe, including indoor, protects from bad influences and protects home from unpleasant incidents brings home good luck. To gain love scatter the ashes in front of house plants.


Ritual Uses: In ancient Egypt, Greece, Crete prepared cleansing liquor. Anis harness to strengthen the forces of voodoo.

Magical Uses: Seeds of anise can be filled with a small pillow and sleep on a pillow — it will save from nightmares. With leaves of laurel seeds are used in cleaning baths. You can use anise in the security and meditation incense. Anis removes the evil eye, it is used to induce duho coming to help in magical operations. Fresh leaves of anise, placed in a room, banish evil spirits. Sometimes they are placed around the magic circle to protect themselves from evil spirits. Hung above the bed sprigs of anise return lost youth.
If you have family problems, or you are trying to save the love that such-threatening, pocketed casual wear flannel pouch of seeds of anise. From those who have a hand clamped anise, never will fit.


Ritual use: White flowers of the tree, as well as artificial flowers of this species are called orange blossom accessory bridal dresses. It symbolizes innocence.
In China, the orange is a fruit that brings happiness, which, according to custom, eaten on the second day of the New Year holiday. The image of two oranges, two fish in the basket means the wish for happiness every year. Orange symbolizes fertility, taken in hand orange — means to receive the fruit of love, sunny and perfect.
In Christianity, the orange — a symbol of purity, chastity and generosity.

Magical Uses: Dried grain leather and worn in amulets to attract love, and flowers — for finding happiness in marriage. Dried or fresh flowers put in wang, if they want to become more attractive. When you eat an orange, making a question and count grains: an odd number of them — the answer is "yes", even — "no." The rind is used powder and potions designed to improve well-being. Orange juice replaces the ritual wine is added to love potions and baths. Fans of oranges are considered the aristocrats in the shower.

Sweet basil (garden)

Ritual use: Basil is used in exorcism and cleansing baths. The plant is also used in spells goddess Ertsulis that helps in love affairs.

Magical Uses: The smell of fresh basil causes sympathy between two people, so the plant is used to create a certain mood when communicating lovers. Basil added to love potions, amulets worn in, rub the leaves skin to attract love. The young man loves the girl, from whose hands he will sprig of basil. If you doubt the sincerity of the words of love, make a powder of dried basil leaves and sprinkle it over the body (especially on the area of the heart), when your boyfriend or girlfriend is sleeping — and your relationship will be sincere.
Basil is used in love divination. Put two fresh basil leaf on the embers. if they both quickly turn to ashes — your relationship with your loved ones, your marriage will be harmonious. If the leaves crackled, lice life together will be full of quarrels. And if the sheet, strongly crackled fly — the encounter undesirable.
You want to know about anyone's chastity or riot? Just put a sprig of fresh basil on his arm. On the hand rake branch immediately wither.
Basil will bring health to those who wear it in their pockets. Basil, presented as a gift to the new home, a new home will bring good luck. If dry basil sprinkled the floor of the house will not be evil. To protect the house in every room you can put a little bit of basil. Basil is used to protect and shop assistants: they put it next to the ticket office or on the door.


Ritual use: Berries are used in the rituals of death, they have a strong connection with funerals.

Magical Uses: Put some berries under the threshold — and no one would encroach on your wealth, and uninvited guest did not come into the house.
useful for psychic attack make cranberry cake and eat it, it will protect you from the inside.


Ritual Uses: In ancient Rome, all called vervain altar of grass. Acolytes used vervain to cleanse the altar of Jupiter. Of verbena produced whisk that sweep the altars.
In keeping with tradition, the daughter of the Druids wore the crown at the dedication, which was present verbena — it was a sign of progress ranks.
Verbena bear ambassadors sent to negotiate with the enemy. Gauls used vervain to predict the future.

Magical Uses: Traditionally verbena harvested in mid-summer — but this is not necessary. Verbena is a part of love potions. Crown of vervain protects the magician during evocation. Any part of the plant can be worn as a personal amulet. Verbena, in the home, to protect against lightning and storms.

Strewn about the house brew banish evil spirits and hostile forces. Verbena added to stick exorcism used in purification baths and handbags.

Dried grass scattered around the house as mirotvornoy: it can also be worn for calm.
Verbena is used in ceremonies and rituals money prosperity. If the plant to light in the garden or just to keep the house, the house will treasure.

Worn with a plant can stay young. To get rid of bad dreams put vervain in bed, hang around the neck or a drink at night brew.
If verbena put the nursery cradle, the child grows up happy and curious.

The sap, rubbed into the body, you'll know the future, help to meet desires, turn enemies into friends, to protect against all spells. Burnt plant will eliminate the annoying harassment.


Ritual use: Heather used to spell ghosts.

Magical Uses: If you carry with you heather (preferably white), it will bring you good luck, protection against rape and other crimes. Incinerated with bracken, heather is rain.

Heather — grass immortality. If you drink it daily decoction or carry with them as an amulet, it will ensure a long life, will help you understand the true secrets of the immortal soul and to comprehend the eternal elements of the universe. This is a valuable plant for beginners working on inner self

Bath with heather flowers will give you beauty. This bath should cover the candles and take each new moon. Do not forget to support the karmic balance when your looks better!

European grape

Ritual use: Vine — one of the most prominent biblical characters, reflecting the relationship between God and man. God, as the grower concerned about its chadah — the flowering vines. Vine — a common symbol of Christ and the Christian faith.

Magical uses: Images of grapes are placed on the wall for fertility, as it did in ancient Rome. Consumption of grape also increases fertility, increases mental strength. During the rites of money put grapes on the altar.

Field bindweed

Magical use: Put the seeds bindweed under the pillow to prevent nightmares. Growing in the garden of blue creepers will bring peace and happiness.

Elm Field

Ritual use: Elm at Slavs belonged to the reserved trees. Forbidden to hack it or cause any harm. Violation of these restrictions resulted in death, ioru livestock, crop failure. Old elm was the patron of the village, houses, wells, lakes, and he is protected from the hail and fire.

Magical Uses: Popular among the elves. Now used for protection from lightning strikes and to attract love. Meditation under an elm will communicate with the spirits of herbs and other small creatures.
Elm leaves are used in a variety of predictions — they are usually pierced with a needle.

Carnation Southern Europe, garden or Dutch

Ritual use: The plant can be used in all protection rituals. Dried cloves (preferably red) is useful to put on the altar during rituals recovery.

Magical Uses: In the time of Queen Elizabeth's body-worn pink warned untimely death on the scaffold. Put the cloves into the room where the patient — it will give him the strength and energy. Add the dried herb in her purse, and spices to improve health.


Ritual Uses: The dried flower placed in the mouth exorcist, increases its strength. They are also useful to facilitate conception.

Magical uses: lighted wand attracts wealth, disperses evil foes of spiritual vibration and purifies the environment. These rods will stop all sorts of gossip about you. Worn on the plant itself attracted to the opposite sex and color destiny destitute. Use, basically, mature dried buds, which can be purchased at the store.

Hyacinthus orientalis

Ritual use: In Christianity, hyacinth — a symbol of Christian prudence, peace of mind and a desire to be in heaven.

Magical Uses: The plant is used in amulets to reduce pain during childbirth. Hyacinth should be planted in the bedroom for protection from nightmares. Flowers smell to disperse sadness and depression, evil spell. Dried flowers are used in a love potions.

Highlander snake

Magical Uses: Wear a mountaineer if you up to something and want it to be true.
Light the incense to increase physical strength, or predictions. Strewn infusion banish poltergeist. Highlander are in purses during ritual enrichment, and it is added to the appropriate spices.


Magical Uses: In order to banish grief, misery, take a plant in her hand. Fixed upon her own problems, mind you, she will accept them, and then burn the plant. Highlander strengthens and protects the eyes, if worn at all times.


Magical uses: Purified peas bring good luck and success in business, and dried peas are used in cash potions. If a woman finds a pod with nine peas, she should hang it over the door. First entered the door of a man would be her future husband (if not married).

Peas podzabornaya

Magical use: If your lover is not made itself known for a long time, rub the roots of plants your body, then install root in the matter, and put it under my pillow. This will remind him (her) that you yearn.

Black mustard, white, Russian, blue-gray

Magical uses: mustard seeds are in the red bag to protect against colds and gain mentality.
Italian peasants scatter grain plants on the threshold for protection. Buried under the threshold of a house will protect the seeds from all the supernatural beings. At the use of mustard in food in women increases the likelihood of conceiving a child.
The plant is useful to hang over the door to gain energy.


Ritual use: In the East, the flowers and fruits of pomegranate — a symbol of friendship, therefore, going to visit, often as a gift to take with them grenades.

The Bible mentions a pomegranate as a symbol of unity of the universe. Pomegranate is also a symbol of fertility. In Christian art, pomegranate has become a symbol of hope for a resurrection and immortality.

Magical Uses: Corn plants are eaten, and the skin of the fruit are to enhance fertility. In the Caucasus, women believe that if they eat a pomegranate during pregnancy, they have a beautiful daughter born.

Pomegranate — magical plant luck. Always before using it in food to make a wish — and it could come true. Pomegranate branch reveals unexpected wealth can attract money.
The branches of the plants hanging over the door to drive away evil, and the juice of blood substitutes or magic ink.


Magical uses: worn with a walnut strengthens the heart and cures rheumatism. Nuts attract lightning — so do not wear them during a thunderstorm.
If someone gives you a bag of walnuts, you'll see how to fulfill all your desires.
If a woman is about to get married, wants to protect themselves from the "surprises", it should be placed on the body as much nuts, how long she wants to postpone having children. She should do it on your wedding day.


Magical uses: Flour of ground grains scattered around the house in a circle to protect him from the evil spell. During the lessons the magic of buckwheat is useful to do on the floor of the magic circle. Add a little grains of buckwheat in the incense used in the rituals of enrichment, and bring them to the kitchen to escape poverty.


Ritual Uses: In ancient China, pear was a symbol of longevity, because pear trees are very long lived. White flowers pears are on the one hand, a symbol of grief and instability, the other — beauty.
Under the pear tree like dancing witches.

Magical Uses: The fruits are used in the rituals of love, by eating increase sexual arousal. Pear get great magic mace.


Ritual use: Elecampane — sacred grass ancient druids, grass concentration, of elecampane prepare wonderful ritual drinks. The plant is used in incense associated with the ritual of initiation. In this ritual, the initiate must to get used to the smell.

Magical uses: Sew the leaves or flowers in pink cloth elecampane or put in the bag and carry with you — a plant attracts love. To produce an ancient love potion mix dried elecampane with vervain and mistletoe.
Nard associated with elven love magic, but be careful: elven magic is very capricious.

Nard outspread

Ritual use: Elecampane — grass apprenticeship, as it clarifies the mentality, improves thinking.

Magical Uses: Wear nard on the neck as a necklace — it will bring you good luck and protect against disease. The plant is also used to enhance loyalty. To save the love nard bury in the ground. The plant should be updated twice a month.


Ritual use: Many of the people of Europe and the East was considered a sacred oak tree. To drive away drought, the priest of Zeus threw into the water oak twig and caused rain.
In Egypt, the funeral pyres burned oak, hazel and willow, symbolizing power, wisdom and charm of the deceased.

The Slavs under the sacred oaks momentous events: meetings, wedding ceremonies and the courts.

Magical Uses: Oak — a powerful, long-lived tree, has great magical powers. Two sprigs of oak, connected crosswise red thread — a strong deterrent against evil. The same effect has a piece of bark, if you carry it with you. Acorns, hanging on the window, to protect the house from lightning.

If you manage to catch the falling autumn oak leaf — in the next week you will not catch cold. If the patient is in the house, set fire oak bark and heat this heat the room to get rid of the disease. Carry an acorn to prevent illness and pain, maintain youthfulness and longevity, virility. Acorn planted during a lunar eclipse, will help in the near future to gain money.

A piece of oak is recommended to carry to attract good luck (especially brunettes). Oak leaves and bark are considered very strong charms that can bring good luck and increase physical strength of man.


Ritual use: In European cities datura seeds thrown on hot coals, breathed on them, and fell into a state of bliss.

Magical Uses: To protect against curses, evil spirits should be sprayed infusion plants around the house. If you suffer insomnia, put the leaves in dope shoes and place it under the bed socks to the nearest wall. Datura leaves, placed in a hat, sun protection and stroke.

Daturism releases volitional power, but separates them from the leadership, I focused areas of cognitive capabilities. Stramonium leaves can release during exhalation frantically retained astral asthmatic.

The plant is poisonous, handle it carefully, in any case, do not eat it.


Ritual Uses: The dried flowers and marjoram placed around the grain — so it repels ants. Travelers, benighted in the field or forest, in order to avoid the risk of being bitten by a snake, it is useful to put next to a bunch of oregano. brewed tea before bed, oregano bring to the dreaming consciousness powerful healing element, and the situation in a pillow case, will promote prophetic dreams. In order to give shade and confidential conversation to gain the interlocutor in the evening to put a few bunches of oregano into a place held an important conversation.

Magical Uses: Oregano is added to food to strengthen love. To protect the house plant, put it in different places in each room and change every month. Growing in the garden oregano repels evil spirits. Oregano should be planted near the graves, and during flowering it brings spiritual bliss of souls of the dead. dried oregano mixed with violet useful to wear as an amulet for protection from the winter cold. Oregano will help a person get out of depression.

It is also used in potions and money put into the magic bag.
If a potion of marjoram, marigold, thyme and drank it, meditate, may be the vision of a lover (lover).


Ritual use: Blackberry was considered a sacred plant, and was used in religious ceremonies dedicated to the European pagan gods. Until now, in the tradition of Wicca, August 2 (day Lugnasad) blackberry pies for the good harvest, which is associated with the death of God.

Blackberry has become a symbol of purity of the Virgin Mary, who gave birth to the flames of divine love, not burning with desire.

Magical uses: blackberry bush — a strong tool in the magical healing. Blackberry leaves and flowers are used in the rites of healing. Very useful blackberry wine.


Ritual use: In Ancient Greece, spruce was considered a symbol of hope, the Greeks used fir branches with predictions. In Celtic Druid calendar ate dedicated on 23 December, when the divine child is born, embodying the spirit of fertility. Christmas tree symbolizes the beginning of the annual cycle and life in general.

Magical uses: fir cone — the symbol of fire of life, the beginning, she heals, and in some traditions associated with the phallus.


Ritual use: In Christianity, the white color and sweet fragrance of jasmine made it a symbol of the Virgin Mary. This plant is and secondary — the nobility, grace and benevolence.

Magical Uses: Dried jasmine flowers added to handbags and Love Potion, they attract spiritual love. If the flowers to wear or burn, they will both money and promote health. If jasmine burn in the bedroom, you will see prophetic dreams. Sniffing flowers plants to cure insomnia.

Jasmine candle enhances psychic protection and healthier aura. Jasmine is associated with the number 9 in numerology, symbolizing femininity and related to the manifestation of the Mother aspect of the universe.


Ritual use: Ginseng can replace the rituals mandrake.

Magical Uses: The root of the attraction are for love, health, wealth, sexual potency. Ginseng brings the person wearing it, and beauty. Burn ginseng to drive away evil spirits and break the curse. Pinch the ginseng root in his hand, visualize it his desire, and then drop it in the water or cut on it his wish and then throw it into the water.


Magical uses: Larkspur banishes ghosts. If you look through the beam larkspur on fire in the middle of summer, your eyes are protected by a full year. The plant also deters annoying.

Fragrant honeysuckle

Magical Uses: Decorate the green candles with honeysuckle for the attraction of money or put flowers in a vase. Mash slightly dried flowers, and then rub their forehead to increase psychic powers. If honeysuckle growing near your home, it will bring good luck. Honeysuckle — herb of immortality. Oil out of it, applied to the body, helps to understand the subtle world.


Magical use: Spray the broth around the house before heading to the state house: it will help you win the case. Zhostera also used in rituals associated with money and worn as a charm against evil spirits and curses.

St. John's wort

Ritual use: Put a shoe stem protects from evil spirits, St. John's wort is added to the children's mattress padding to safeguard the child from negative astral forces during sleep.

As incense useful against damage and infertility. Scattered across the field at planting protects it from St. John's Castle. Incense is prepared from the plant against the guardian spirits and demons oppressors.

Magical Uses: Carry yourself with St. John's wort: it prevents fever, colds, attracts love, makes men invisible, protected from attacks of wild people. Collected in the middle of summer on Friday, St. John's cure mental disorders.
If you put the plant in a pot, which hang in the window, it will protect the house from lightning, fire, and evil spirits. You can hang a pot next to the window to ward off ghosts, necromancers and evil wizards.

Wild strawberry

Ritual use: In Christianity, strawberries — a symbol of the perfect righteousness of the righteous man or character, which are the fruits of good deeds.

Magical use: Strawberries used as seek love, but its leaves are for good luck.
Pregnant women can wear a small bag of strawberries to ease childbirth.

White willow

Ritual use: Burial mounds in Britain, often located near swamps and lakes, sometimes decorated with willow because of its symbolic connection with the death.
In China, the willow — the tree of immortality (even from a small piece of willow can grow a whole tree).
In Japan, the willow — tree of sorrow, weakness, tenderness, girlish grace.

Magical Uses: The leaves of willow carry or added to extracts to attract love, and the tree is used as material for magic clubs in the lunar magic.
All parts of the tree to protect from evil spirits, they can carry around or keep the house. To ward off evil, just knock on wood.
Leaves, bark and wood of willow are also used in healing rituals. Magic broom, especially witchcraft, bound ivy.
Remedy it consecrated willow considered all Slavs. It fumigated, powdered drink with juniper was applied in lotion. At Willow disease transmission.

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