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Currently on the market of laundry equipment sold the most modern equipment to perform dry cleaning. The most popular models are the ones that take up the least possible space. Compact and cost-effective equipment — a key requirement of the consumer. Today, with the dry cleaning machines will introduce you of "Vyazemskij Machine Works."
In 2003, the factory began to develop serial production of machines for dry cleaning LVH, charge weights at 8,12,16 and 22 kg. Even from this point machines are in great demand among consumers, and the technical parameters correspond to international standards. What are the main positive aspects in the use of equipment for cleaning marks "VYAZMA," in which the distinctive features of these models and in what area they used? — This is to be discussed today.
So it is dry, and what is it for?
Dry cleaning machines are designed for dry cleaning delicate items made of wool, leather, felt, fur and other materials, and textiles, which can not be washed in water. This versatile equipment that combines the functionality of a "dry" cleaning, pressing and drying. This equipment is widely used in laundries, dry cleaners, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other locations where a similar cleaning mode. The machine gently cleans things, causing no damage its color, size and structure. Products treated in a series of machines LVH retain its original size, type and color by using as reagent a solvent such as perchlorethylene. It has a mild effect on the fabric without damaging its structure.
The question arises whether all the things you can handle in the dry-cleaning machines? The unequivocal answer is: NO. And this is due to the fact that perchlorethylene by itself is toxic, and it can not clean the items that are in direct contact with the body, you can not also be dry cleaned things, which include those containing polyurethane. Products that can not be erased with the use of perchlorethylene, usually marked with the letter F, to clean them using a hydrocarbon.
The manufactured by our factory equipment for dry cleaning refers to the fifth generation dry cleaning machines. This is quite a high figure from an environmental point of view. After processing the product in dry cleaning LVH is the lowest percentage of solvent, which is contained in the laundry at the output.

The equipment is flexible automatic microprocessor control, which обеспечиваетсяконтроллерами (controller allows you to implement any programs on several parameters at once); holodoagregatom cooling system, automatic cleaning of the cleaning fluid control device atvomaticheskogo drying Dry-control; Russian interface, Eco filter, solvent vapor extraction system from working zone and the drum during the open hatch with a carbon adsorber; dispenser for detergent additives; durable eco pan and computer diagnostics problems. Closed-loop operation ensures the purity of the air in the work area. They are compact and can be placed in the rooms are small, equipped with simple operation, reliable and efficient in operation.

 Photo source:vyazma.su

Cleaner environment becomes tight, which eliminates the possibility of contamination of the production facilities, dry cleaning machine makes environmentally friendly. The shell and items dry cleaning machines are made of stainless steel and is resistant to wear, is not subject to corrosion, has a large operational terms. Compact rational design, easy to operate, imported components in electronics and mechanical parts make cleaning a car safe and reliable in operation. Dry cleaning machines are good because they are simple to use and does not require specialized care. Very economical solvent consumption and consume a small amount of water and electricity. In all models, except for LVH-12 has 3 tank of solvent (LVH-12 dvuhbakovaya) motor control inverter system allows optimal way to change the speed of rotation of the drum for cleaning, layout and the spin cycle (up to 400 rev / min). After cleaning products on the rear wall of the drum dirt settles. Solvent under pressure is applied to the wall and does not settle on it hards, but for periodic scheduled maintenance on the wall of a service hatch. Not less convenient dewatered trap lint increased volume, especially when cleaning fur. LVH-16 model is equipped with an additional cooling of the solvent in the loop associated with holodoagregatom, bleaching cartridge dispenser drawer and special equipment, and is designed to clean as textiles and leather.
Excellent indicator of the plant — the grateful response of buyers. Feedback from our customers who purchased equipment dry cleaning, it can be concluded that the machines LVH fairly easy to operate, reliable, refer to the type of "plug-and-forget", easy to service plan, not to mention the price of the machines themselves, and summing up the results of 2010 showed that sales of dry cleaning machines have increased twice as compared to the previous comparable period. For us it is not only a means of self-assertion and the highest praise, but above all an incentive for further development and improvement.
Each work can be compared with the theater, and the business with the scene where the customer — is the spectator, and the supplier — the actor, whose goal is to, first of all: to interest, to offer and leave the best impression of yourself. JSC "Vyazemskij Machine Building Plant" — a kind of theater, which opens to its customers a vast world of high technology, innovative solutions and practical ideas!

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