Dubnov, Where Lukashenko still go?

His view on the reasons for which Alexander Lukashenko traveled to Turkmenistan, has a Russian expert on Central Asia, the international observer of the newspaper "Moscow News" Arkady Dubnov.

Drakakhrust: Why Now Lukashenko went to Berdymukhamedov? It so happened that this was his first trip abroad after the presidential election.

Dubnov: Beautiful new. Do not be the last dictator in Europe goes to visit almost the first dictator of Central Asia. Alexander G. can only sympathize. And where he should go? West closed to him, Russia — bad he messed with Ukraine relations by "crummy" principle. It remains to Libya, but there can be hit by a bomb. It's all a joke, but seriously speaking, the last "black cash", where you can pick up a pair of tens of millions — it's Ashgabatse. The more so because the Chinese have just given Berdimuhamedov loan of 4.1 billion dollars.

We Lukashenko predicament he is not ideologically and physically located in the position of an outcast, and the last country where it prepared to take — it is Turkmenistan.

DrakakhrustYou said — and where to go? And why not in Baku, for example? During last year's gas crisis with Russia Lukashenko thanked President Ilham Aliyev for the 200 million dollars that he lent the Azerbaijani leader. There are leaders like Nazarbaev, Karimov as if to speak about the region of Central Asia. Why not to them but to Berdymukhamedov?

Dubnov: It will be recalled that after December 19 in the Middle East and North Africa unrest occurred chain. The world has changed dramatically in a few months. It appeared the figure is not worth of shaking hands. Among them pride of place in the top ten ranked Alexander G.. Today, neither in Baku and Astana, not even in Tashkent would not want to compromise themselves by such dubious contacts. These capital looking for good relations with the West at the moment about these countries say they can be a continuation of the Arab arc of instability. While in Turkmenistan — peace and quiet. And Ashgabat so sure of his firmness, which can take Lukashenko.

Drakakhrust: And what about the money. There are two questions. Some experts say that now is the financial situation of Turkmenistan is not very good. Is the financial position of Ashgabat is bad? And even if it is good, and then with what joy it is to help the far north to his brother?

Dubnov: We remember that in the difficult times Lukashenko was ready to seek the help of Chavez in Venezuela distant. Why not go to Ashgabat? What is now urgently needed Lukashenko — a few tens of millions of dollars to close the funnel that grows and absorbs all the Belarusian economy. These are a few tens of millions of dollars could be scraped together for him Berdimuhamedov. Turkmenistan has financial problems, but their order — it is billions, not tens of millions of dollars. In addition, there is also an image component. Can you imagine — Berdimuhamedov saves Slavic brother, who enters into a union with the Russian state. What a PR! For this you can pay any amount of money.

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