Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred in the east of Indonesia

JAKARTA, July 11 — RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov. Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred on Monday afternoon in eastern Indonesia, RIA Novosti reported at the National Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (NUMKG) countries.

Quake epicenter was located 87 kilometers south-west of the provincial capital of South East Sulawesi town of Kendari. The earthquake was located at a depth of 21 kilometers below the surface of the island of Sulawesi, which excludes the possibility of a tsunami.

Because of the low density of the population in the surrounding areas of serious damage or casualties are unlikely, said employees NUMKG.

Indonesia is the most seismically active area of the planet and is part of the so-called "Pacific Ring of Fire" (powerful tectonic fault). Annually seismologists recorded there for six or seven thousand earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 4.0.

In this part of the world are the most active tectonic plates, one of which moves at a speed of seven centimeters a year. In December 2004, a powerful tsunami in Indonesia, following the earthquake took the lives of hundreds of thousands.

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