Eco-friendly and genetically modified foods

Eco and GM foods.  Photo from

Mankind has always sought to work less and more receive. Today, it is embodied in genetically (GM) and chemically treated products. The use of chemicals for growing plants there for a long time. But GM — a relatively new invention.

GM — a product in which the structure of DNA implanted new gene from another plant or organism. For example, today there are potatoes, which thanks to some modifications become resistant to the Colorado beetle. Very convenient, as efforts when growing need to make a minimum, and the harvest is great.

Than more innovations in the food market, the more opponents of this "junk" food. On the dangers of consumption of GM products can talk a lot, but the exact data of research on this subject yet. And so we can not say with certainty that such a diet can cause cancer in humans or any other cause more damage to health.

However, in Western countries is more supporters of environmentally friendly products. They are grown without the use of chemical and genetic engineering, but also in this case are 1.5-2 times more.

What and how to eat will have to decide on their own. Selecting only two: search EKOMARKET or go to the market (there will have to choose among the plethora of products are the ones that are clean) or to live as lived, and do not pay attention to the composition of the products, their method of cultivation, etc. (It is also true to the possible consequences will have to close your eyes.)

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