Egyptian pyramids — the message to mankind?

The Egyptian pyramids hide many secrets and mysteries of all kinds. To this day, scientists believed that the pyramid is just a giant tombs of Egyptian rulers — the pharaohs.

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The pyramids — these are very important sources of information about those distant events that occurred then. All dynasty of Egyptian kings were building the pyramids. But there was such a range of people in ancient Egypt, the priests, they were ruled by kings, and all the best. The priests possessed secret knowledge and that knowledge was available only to students of the priests, who were in turn initiation. Dedication took place in huge areas of the pyramids.

Some researchers believe the pyramids of Egypt, that the purpose of the pyramids — is an attempt to bring the priests of ancient Egypt to modern mankind important information. As evidence are the proportions, size, location, secret rooms of the pyramids. Also, there is a very surprising and puzzling fact is that at noon the sun appears at the top of the pyramid. It may well be that all of the above facts and the orientation of the pyramids around the world, there is a mysterious message of the ancient Egyptians?

On the walls of the pyramids shows a truly enormous number of strange patterns. The authors believe these findings, they were made for the purpose, to warn mankind of the disasters that will occur in the future. Also found in the writings of scholars who have survived that world-famous date coincided with numerals refer to these letters.

Experts deciphering the secret of Egyptian symbols, came to the conclusion that the ancient Egyptian priests kept in touch with the cosmos and could calculate the various events that have occurred or should occur.

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