Einsteins theory of relativity proved by nature



In a dispute between quantum theory and general relativity, Einstein's theory emerged victorious again: this time the dispute concerned a pair of superdense stars. Two stars that are at a distance of 7,000 light-years from Earth, have allowed scientists to test your theories into practice.

Although the theory of relativity is able to predict how the gravity of large objects affects the behavior of the space-time continuum, it is not perfect. For example, it can not explain the unusual behavior of small bodies, it is easy to explain quantum mechanics.

When it comes to the relatively tiny, but still very large objects such as black holes, scientists can not come to an agreement, as the two theories are somewhat contradictory.

Take a pair of stars — in orbit is very large neutron star that spins around its axis 25 times per second, there is a tiny white dwarf. In order to explain their behavior, you need to understand the relationship between the two physical theories.

White dwarf — is an aging star, which gradually cooled. The neutron star weighs twice that of the Sun, but it is wider than the sun only 19 km, so gravity on the surface of the star is 300 billion times stronger than on Earth.

Scientists have observed the system of the star through a huge telescope. "The rapid superficial analysis has led me to believe that the pulsar (neutron star with a magnetic field) is actually a very heavy cosmic object — says study leader John Antoniadis. — This star is twice as heavy as the Sun, so it is — the largest of the neutron star known to us, which gives us great scope for research. "

To confirm the effect of Einstein's theory on this pair of stars, researchers need to observe the behavior of the binary stars. According to the theory of relativity, big objects alter space and time, which is why under the gravitational influence of light should be on a curved trajectory. This system of two stars to create ripples in space-time continuum — gravitational waves. Other theories claim that the white dwarf has to move a little differently.

Einstein accurately determined the movement is the star couple. Although this study can not resolve the conflict between quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity, scientists will look for other gravitational waves again to test the theory of Einstein.


S. Vasilenko

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