Elf, buried in the fridge

October 15, 2012 0:02

Elf, buried in the fridge

Visits by aliens very small growth is not news to experts on UFOs. Reports of encounters with such beings come from time to time from different parts of the world. Is no exception and Russia. Little alien corpse found in 2009 near Petrozavodsk. For two years he was kept in the refrigerator, and then it was confiscated for scientific purposes.

Night crash

"Petrozavodsk" alien, to judge by the best of UFO photos, looked like a surprise, "Alyosha" — the stranger, found in 1996 near the town of Kyshtym in Chelyabinsk region.

"Alyosha" found in the local cemetery pensioner Tamara Prosvirina. Humanoid growth of about 20 centimeters was alive, but totally helpless. Tamara weeks fed him cheese and referred to him as a small child, until it died. Corpse "Alyosha" examined by a doctor, but to make any conclusion could not. In the end, the find was abducted and disappeared without a trace.

History of Petrozavodsk "Alyosha" is almost the same, with the only difference being that the alien has been found dead. It tells who found his 68-year-old pensioner, Martha G., fall night in 2009 near her country house in the village Mashozero a loud explosion, and when she went out to see what was going on, I saw a pile of smoldering rubble, from which radiated heat. Having decided that the plane crashed, she immediately began to search for survivors to help them. But nothing more than a corpse little man is not found.

In the darkness, she decided that this baby. She took him into the house, and only then, having considered it, marveled: being an increase of about 50 centimeters, more like a fish than a human. Huge eyes on elongated head, hairless, frantically open mouth. Surprised her a lot, okay fitting to the body, "baby" jumpsuit.

Martha G. and her husband, without telling anyone, that same night, strange body was transported to his apartment in Petrozavodsk and placed in the refrigerator. Later they learned from neighbors in the village, the morning after the explosion in the village come in large numbers of militia and soldiers surrounded the crash site and all the debris was taken almost in a matter of hours. And then go from house to house some people were looking for witnesses to the disaster. Up to four Petrozavodsk pensioners they reached because those were no longer in the country.

To investigate joined Americans

Retired kept at an amazing corpse, wrapped in plastic. Sometimes showed familiar. In the end of it found local ufologists. With landlords began negotiations, but the first in their apartment appeared not experts on UFOs, and the people who identified themselves as "scientists from the Karelian Academy of Sciences." It was they who took the body of an alien. Ufologists eventually got only a few of his photos, and two plastic bags, in which he had once been tightened.

As reported by "Daily Mail", investigated the incident, Russian and American ufologists. Renowned expert on UFO Michael Cohen believes that the story is not like the joke. Being in the photos looks very strange, but realistic. Forge is in principle possible, but it requires specialized knowledge and a lot of money. Retired clearly had neither the one nor the other. Moreover, the circumstances in which the alien has been found, favor the reliability of the episode. That night the Norwegian tracking stations recorded flight of an unknown object. He went down and could hit the Earth approximately in the vicinity of Petrozavodsk. Packet analysis revealed the presence of traces on the walls of an unknown substance of organic origin.

When all this has informed the press, to pensioners were the same people from the "Academy of Sciences" and asked them to give everything to do with the body, and threatened with criminal prosecution. But the old man made no more. Since pensioners broke off all contact with the UFO and flatly refuse to talk to anyone else about it.

Dancing Men

It is believed that a meeting with extraterrestrials, Shorty occurred in the distant past. Memories of them can be the basis of legends about elves and dwarfs.

"Elves" (so called classification alien humanoids of small stature), considered by ufologists, not aggressive. Known episode that occurred in 1966 in England, near the town Raysli. Someone Jack Holden, a local resident, was returning home late at night on a deserted country road. Suddenly he found himself in a strange area of bluish light that illuminates the road and bushes to her right. In this light, he saw on the side of dozens of tiny little people growing 15 — 20 cm. Their movements seemed to him "dance." Men seemingly not paying attention to him, but followed him relentlessly. As soon as he picked up his pace as they moved faster.

On the road, struck a car. Its driver and passengers, not knowing where the light here, too, stopped and saw the men. They put themselves to Holden frightened and rushed from their seats. Light stain followed the car at the same speed. Turning around, people have seen the "dancing" men, who not flying, not jumping chasing machine. In the end, a spot of light and little people are left behind and lost.

Rats were strangers

Around about the same time in Seymour, England, witnessed the emergence of "Elf" was the family of Jenkins. First saw them children. At night, two young man jumping on a windowsill at the open window, clearly visible in the moonlight. Children called adults. Those, however, did not dare to approach the strange creatures. After ten minutes, "elves" jumped from the window sill to the garden and disappeared. After this incident, the sill area a few weeks a faint light in the darkness.

"In 2009, the" elves "have encountered in their own house of Jacob N. Gifhorn (Germany, the State of Lower Saxony). Their appearance was preceded by strange knocks and flash indoors. Growth are less than 15 centimeters. They were bare head and big eyes. They were dressed in gray "shaggy" overalls.

N. first mistook them for rats and ran after them, but when one of them saw, I experienced, in his words, "wade bone horror." He barely had the strength to call the police.

The police did not see the little people — those for their arrival time to leave the house a witness — but noted in his report that in this incident, a lot of strange. Start with the fact that their car inexplicably engine failure just 50 meters from the house of N. They also observed a strange blue flashes in the windows of his house. When they entered the premises was a sharp "chemical" smell, the origin of which could not be determined, and on the floor in some places were seen as thin as needles, burnt bands, some of them were still smoking.

As for the case with the body of Petrozavodsk "Elf", two years after lying in the fridge, then the conclusion of experts is that it seems to be true.

But the truth we seem to know is not soon.

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