Endometriosis and Pregnancy

Endometriosis — one of those gynecological diseases, which are often the cause of infertility. That's why, after learning of the diagnosis, women are often primarily interested in the relationship of their disease with the possibility of a baby. The most common questions such answers MD Catherine Yarotskaya, Expert Site www.endometriosis.su.

Why I'm sick right now?

Unfortunately, the question arises why endometriosis, can not be answered yet. The mechanisms of its development to date, remain largely unclear. This may be a hormonal or immune imbalance, stress, environment, genetic predraspolozhennost.Da, medicine known cases of the disease in girls (before the first menstrual period) and older women (after menopause and the cessation of menstruation), but in most cases, endometriosis — a disease of women of reproductive that is, the young and middle-aged.

Can I get pregnant if endometriosis?

Despite the fact that, according to statistics, up to 50% of patients with endometriosis suffer from infertility and, conversely, in 30-40% of infertile women find endometriosis, endometriosis pregnancy is possible.

It is said that during pregnancy endometriosis can be cured by itself. Is that true?

Indeed, during pregnancy, hormonal changes are not in favor of endometriosis. Sharply declining ovarian estrogen production, and the so-called corpus luteum, formed as a result of ovulation preceding pregnancy, actively produces progesterone. And so natural "therapy" continues until the baby is born!

If after delivery develops a normal lactation, then the duration of breastfeeding is prolonged hypoestrogenic state associated with the suppression of lactation hormone prolactin synthesis of estrogen. Therefore, even if a complete cure from endometriosis as a result of pregnancy and lactation is not going to happen, possible long-term remission and suppression of its foci.

But if you have endometrial ovarian cysts, then rely on their disappearance during or after pregnancy is not necessary. These mass lesions can not be fully exposed to back development.

I can not give birth because of endometriosis. Will I be able to get pregnant after treatment?

Chance restore fertility after endometriosis varies for different data, in a very wide range — from 10 to 50%. It should be understood that the removal or suppression of endometriosis is not always eliminate all of the factors responsible for infertility in each case. But do not lose hope!

Do I have to have surgery? Will she beat the disease?

Infertility is one of the indications for surgical treatment of endometriosis. Unfortunately, there is no other means that would allow to eliminate the hotbed of the disease, except for surgical removal. Other methods of treatment (hormonal or anti-inflammatory therapy) provide only a reduction in symptoms.

Yet surgical treatment does not preclude the recurrence. Depending on the degree of spread and return embodiment surgery endometriosis possibly 20-40% of cases. And usually it is associated with preservation of activity or incompletely removed lesions or the appearance of new ones.

Regardless of whether you are a doctor or a patient, you can get the latest information on the problem of endometriosis sites endometriosis.su and zdorovieinfo.ru.


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