What is it?

Endometritis — inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium). It may be caused by stafilokkoka, streptokkokom or gonokkokom, and Escherichia coli and some other microbes. It is often an inflammatory disease of the female genital organs.

The causes of endometritis

Cause endometritis — penetration of the infection into the uterus. This is facilitated by poor personal hygiene, indiscriminate change of sexual partners, the general decline in immunity. Any gynecological intervention — abortion, diagnostic and therapeutic curettage, uterine sounding, hysteroscopy — may be the mechanism of infection in the uterus. It's no secret that about 10 percent of abortions end endometritis.

Injection is notbecause of violation any rules for these medical interventions, andbecause of violation of the protective barrier at the entrance to the uterus and reduce the local immunity after mechanical injury.

Endometritis and intrauterine

Any spiral, even modern, containing hormones — a foreign body. That is how it is perceived by the body, it is based on this mechanism of action. By itself, the spiral does not increase the incidence of endometritis. But her presence in the uterus can weight the course of the disease. When endometritis spiral always removed. A woman who had established spiral, need more frequent visits to the gynecologist.

The symptoms of endometritis

  • High fever and abdominal pain.
  • Bloody or purulent discharge.

Abdominal pain after any gynecological interventions conducted recently — a reason to see a doctor. Usually endometritis begins immediately after menstruation, childbirth or gynecological surgery. As with any other inflammatory disease, endometritis course and prognosis depends on the treatment.

The treatment of endometritis

Usually for7-10 Days competent treatment can cope with endometritis. On2-3 day after the beginning of antibiotic pain disappear, decreasing separation. Severe illness requires hospitalization and inpatient treatment. During the treatment of endometritis sex life is contraindicated. Must undergo one cycle only after the next period can be sexually active.

At very high temperatures, symptoms of intoxication must be stationary treatment, detoxification treatment, drip intravenous drugs.

In those cases where cause endometritis — the remains of the ovum after failed abortion or postpartum endometritis when the uterus has remained part of the placenta is performed medical and diagnostic hysteroscopy. During the study, and you can make an accurate diagnosis, and remove the cause of the disease.

Complications of endometritis

The most dangerous complication of endometritis — the spread of infection. May be affected tubes and ovaries may develop peritonitis, and even sepsis. The consequences of these complications — uterine adhesions, pelvic organs, intestines. Adhesions cause disrupts bowel, fallopian tubes, ovaries and can cause abdominal pain, infertility, or intrauterine pregnancy.

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