Energy exchange as a symbiosis

Have you ever thought that making love is symbiosis? Not physically, through which children are born, and in terms of interchange of energy. After all, when the two touch each other, giving kisses and affection, they directly share their emotions and feelings. The energy seemed to slip through his fingers, getting under your skin and giving unforgettable emotions. Body filled with energy storage and begin to "breathe." Maybe that's why there is a saying, "Do not nadyshatsya each other."

The greater the desire to touch each other, the higher the amount of energy and give to get, the better off with you man. Giving your energy, you seem budish energy loved one, thus giving a sense of happiness. The more you touch each other, the longer it will take this relationship. No wonder they say that those couples in which the touch of rare parting times faster and more often. After coming energy shortage and a period of a new search. Man begins to look for someone who will help him again nourished this happiness.

Have you noticed that people who have a younger partner and yourself as look younger than their years? The body gains the ability to regenerate itself though and even diseases recede. Of course all of this can be found more prosaic explanation, but you can and accept what is incomprehensible to mysticism in life, which can confirm the indisputable facts. Or not?

Take the two lovers. No matter how old they are and where they live. Let's say they have not seen for a while and that the long-awaited meeting at the station. What will they do in the first place? Yes, of course, embrace! Arms, which are not able to open the Lucifer in the first minutes of the meeting. They pressed against his body, as if we shall also live by these touches. They were holding hands, giving each other kisses, despite the fact that around the crowd. They absorb the energy of each other, enjoying what was happening, and charging. Fiction? Oh, no! Just look at the faces that younger and flourish in their eyes. That euphoria is inversely proportional to how long a separation.

After a while comes calm. More quietly they look into each other's eyes, as if they were filled. Remains tender touch, but do not have the "binge", which was first minute. And so to the next separation, when they parted again, as if trying to gain power in reserve, with a hint of sadness in his eyes and voice, will it hurt to squeeze each other's arms, not daring to let his hand first.

Well, something we really went to the lyrics. So back to our thoughts. Energy. Why we humans are so important touch? Why so eager to touch the man, who like him? Why are so many people who know only a few hours, suddenly become the most family and friends? Is it because he wants to give them part of their accumulated energy alone and get the same in return. One can not be a long one. When he was alone, as he closed the battery, like and have the energy, but it goes nowhere. It is bad and it starts to look for, where to throw his energy. Some find where. In art, collectibles, race cars or something else, it does not matter. But just giving and getting nothing in return, he would not get the euphoria that is available in the living communion.

The closer the contact, the more dense the touch, the more we saturate the energy. This can be quite a long time to think. Melanholnye there are people, those who can only give. And they will be happy just next to the one who will be able to feel it and "bathe" their energy, giving it without request. And there are those who are able to just take the opposite, giving nothing in return. They seemed to suck your energy just one their presence. These are popularly called "energy vampires" …

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