Engines of growth of industrial production

Russia is not only ahead of most countries in the EU and the U.S. in terms of growth of industry, but also showed a qualitative leap in the industry. Drivers of growth are now a huge industry clusters: automotive and construction.

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Russia ranked second among the "Big Eight" in terms of growth in industrial production and GDP in the first half of 2011, said yesterday the press service of the Federal State Statistics Service. The reporting rate was 5.3% and 3.4%, respectively.

The leader in the industrial growth rate among G8 countries was Germany with the index 10.1%, third place went to the United States — 4.6%. The outsiders in this ranking by Italy (2.2%), the UK (0.7%) and Japan (-4.6%).

Statvedomstva data indicate not only the very dynamics of industrial production, but also on its quality. And if growth can be described as medium (despite the fact that we are ahead of most countries in the European Union and America in early 2010, the industry grew by almost 10% year on year), the quality of recovery is very high.

O locomotive industry from the crisis was the engineering and automotive. Almost all of last year, the industry Adds monthly 40-50 percent or more.

The current July pleased with the clear identification of another industrial "engine" — the construction industry.

In measuring the "year to year" volume delivery of residential buildings was 119% and the volume of work performed under the category "construction" increased to 480 billion rubles. This corresponds to a growth in the construction industry year-to-year increase of 17.6%, which is higher than even the traditional December bursts. Due to the construction boom of the July volume of work in the construction industry, in terms of statistics, almost returned to that of a "building boom" of the first half of 2008.

"In some regions, the growth of construction is more than 30% — said the head of the industry (cement) portal Rucem.Ru Yuri Erokina" Expert Online ». — It is, above all, on the south of Russia. "

The growth of the construction industry — a very good sign, its contribution to GDP is about 5%. And he pulls a huge cluster of production materials (due to the increase in demand from the developers of his performance is also added to the 15% year-to-year — especially rapidly growing production of bricks and cement).

If we add to the construction industry and automotive engineering, it turns out that in Russia intensified the main drivers of the economy.

In the third quarter, it added one more — agriculture — experts predict.

"We expect further growth in agriculture after a poor performance last year — forecasts for the crop is very good (in the 3rd quarter the share of agricultural output in GDP has traditionally almost doubled, reaching 6%) — say economists FC" Uralsib ". — Thus, the construction and agriculture will support economic growth in Russia, which we expect will accelerate in the 2nd half and at the end of this year will be 4.3%. " According to experts, the "slowdown in developed economies, the risk of which increases may adversely affect the Russian indices fall, but at the moment the threat is relatively small."

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