Enuresis: Causes and Treatment

Enuresis: Causes and Treatment

Urinary incontinence — a pathological condition in children older than five years — has been known since time immemorial. In medicine to denote incontinence accepted to use the term "enuresis" (from the Greek «enureo» -. Pee).

There are many causes of enuresis: this variety of infections carried a child, and malformations and functional disorders of the genitourinary system, immaturity and pathology of the nervous system, stress, nervous disorders and other mental disorders.

In children, the problem is serious enough. It is estimated that up to five cases of "wet" nights — a normal phenomenon, and treat children before this age is not necessary. By five years usually ends the formation of a conditioned reflex to urinate. In most cases, urinary incontinence in children is not a serious disease, but these episodes negatively affect their mental state, psychological climate in the family, and may contribute to complications such as urinary tract infection.

Urinary incontinence is most often associated with delayed maturation of the central nervous system: the brain does not receive the overflow of the bladder and needs to be emptied. Often the increased release of urine during the night preceding trauma, fear, placing a child in an unfamiliar environment. Enuresis in this case — the only part of the available neurosis.

Unfamiliar surroundings can "wait" and the baby at home. For example, the appearance of another child in the family. Another option — the emergence of a new adult in the family (remarriage of the mother or the father), which may become the strongest stress for the child, even if the "new dad" treats him well (not to mention the situations of conflict).

Treatment for urinary incontinence depends on its cause.

The most common disease diagnosed and cured patient. In the hospital there is usually no need, unless enuresis is not associated with serious kidney disease and bladder.

One of the most important aspects of the treatment of enuresis is the mode of the child and the rhythm of fluid intake. Here are some useful tips that will help you to quickly deal with the problem.

• 2 hours before bedtime child is better not to drink. In the daytime, excluding artificial and highly carbonated drinks. From cranberry, cranberry fruit drinks also best avoided because of their diuretic action. Prefer water without gas, juice, compote of dried fruits.

• Dinner should be up to 3 hours before bedtime. From yogurt, milk and fruit in the evening to give up: they have a lot of water, yogurt and apples have a diuretic effect. Dinner washed down with a few sips of tea special: take a mixture of equal amounts of St. John's wort and yarrow. Liquids can be drunk 50-100 milliliters. After dinner, it is better not to drink.

• For an hour before bedtime and before going to bed, the child should go to the toilet, "the small." Place the pot next to the bed. At night, turn on a night light in the nursery: Many children are afraid of the dark, but not everyone is talking about the parents. Fear can stop getting out of bed to relieve himself.

• Do not pick up the child to the toilet in the night. Interrupting sleep, you are preventing rest of the nervous system. Knowing that wake, baby probably sleep through "critical moment."

If the disease is associated with hypoplasia of the nerve centers that control urination, usually given special treatment. Practiced treatment herbs (teas and infusions of herbs valerian root, motherwort, and others), has a calming effect.

Great value in treatment of enuresis is playing a psychological comfort the baby. It is important that the child has not formed a sense of guilt and shame because of or wet the bed linen. Do not scold him or punish, much less allow others to tease him. All this can lead to neurotic child and negate all the efforts of doctors and parents. Therefore, in this case, will have the invaluable help hygienic measures, in particular the use of night-absorbent panty DryNites ® (translated to English means "dry nights"). Pants are available in two sizes: for children from 4 to 7 and 8 to 15 years. Enuresis: Causes and Treatment

Subtle and invisible under pajamas, DryNites ® reliably protect the child on the night thanks to a special absorbent layer. They are very soft, follow a pattern and the colors resemble normal underwear. On panties DryNites ® has colorful graphics, special design for boys and girls.

The use of these shorts will avoid a lot of hassles and psychological discomfort. Children can easily use them yourself, so will feel more confident and independent. With DryNites ® baby will be calm for themselves and in the kindergarten and at school, and staying overnight at a party — and therefore, will be able to quickly deal with the problem of a wet bed.

Buy panties DryNites ® you can network pharmacies "36.6", "A5", "Riegle", "Pharmacy 03" and "Doctor century." For more information about the night incontinence you can find on the site: www.enures.ru

The material was prepared by the newspaper "Mom, Dad, I"

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