Enuresis.  Introduction.  Photo from www.sciencephoto.com

A newborn child is not able to control urination. With age, as the maturation of the central nervous system and the bladder, this process becomes arbitrary: the kid starts asking for a pot — first day and then at night. Go to4-5 years, most children wake up dry. When she reached that age, the child continues wetting the bed regularly, believe that he is suffering from enuresis (or incontinence).

Enuresis — This is a serious problem that is annoying and upsetting the child's parents. Sometimes they do not stand up and begin to scold and punish their own child. In no case do not do it! Incontinence urine — is disease, and not a sign of stubbornness or bad temper child. Consequently, it must be treated, not eradicating punishment and reprimands. Enuresis Treatment prescribed by a doctor — a pediatrician, urologist, neurologist, or other specialist — only after a thorough examination of the child and determine the causes of the disease.

The causes of enuresis can be very different. Most often in children is the so-called Primary enuresis — Bedwetting is related to the immaturity of the nervous system. In this situation baby does not feel the overflow of the bladder, urge to urinate, and eventually wakes up wet. Over time, this form of incontinence are generally extends. Secondary enuresis arises as a result of various congenital and acquired diseases, and can manifest itself regardless of sleep, both day and night.

Currently, there are many treatments enuresis — From drug therapy to hypnosis and the best effect is achieved when a combination of several techniques. Therapy can be a long, but in most cases the disease can not cope.

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