Erosion and cervical cancer — a dangerous neighborhood

The diagnosis of "cervical erosion", what is it? Why there is and how to treat? These questions are of millions of women. But in fact the most important — not only to establish the cause of the disease, but also to cure — efficiently and without the risk of complications.

Do I need to urgently burn erosion? Can it cause cancer? Is it possible to treat erosion before birth? We will answer all the questions in order.

Know the enemy in the face

Cervical erosion — a disease in which the tampering or pathological change epithelial mucosal lining its surface.

But, you see, the partial absence (violation) of the mucosa and atypical changes in its tissues — are two totally different things. More precisely, two different states, and two different approaches to treatment. Only an experienced gynecologist can diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The inflammatory process that occurs in the cervix, the acidic environment, damage to the neck — all this provokes increased secretion of mucous membrane, which manifests the formation of specific "corrosive" mucous secretions.

That's right cervical epithelium to protect itself. But this leads to a violation of the integrity of the epithelium and the subsequent changes, the appearance of tumors.

What triggers the development of erosion?

The occurrence of erosion — the result of an inflammatory process.

The mechanism that triggers inflammation, in most cases, is an infection and associated inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

The cause of inflammation may be an infection, sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, trichomonas) and non-specific infection (candida, streptococci, enterococci, staphylococci, E. coli).

Infection of the cervix can also contribute to mucosal lesions of the cervix, "breaks" during childbirth injuries during medical abortion. Plus — hormonal imbalance and lowered immunity.

Negative scenarios disease

Most women are not even aware that they are at risk.

Many infections in the body, there are hidden and do not manifest their presence. This, in turn, causes the development of chronic inflammation and prolonged high risk of development of various inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, including promoting occurrence of cervical erosion.

Identification of infections (such as sexually transmitted diseases, and nonspecific) — a key point of prevention and treatment of this disease.

Another factor leading to the negative scenario — is that the disease is almost asymptomatic. Most often, a woman does not experience any irritation or discomfort associated with the development of erosion is in the initial stages. Rarely bleeding. Therefore, in most cases erosion Cervical cancer is a diagnostic finding. And fortunately, if erosion is detected in a timely manner, it is treatable.

Reliably confirmed the direct relationship between the development of cervical disease (particularly cancer) and the presence in the body of viruses such as herpes type 2 (or so-called genital herpes) and human papilloma virus (HPV).

Cervical erosion can trigger both benign and malignant degeneration of epithelial tissue, especially in the long-term existence.

Lack of timely competent assistance — a really high risk of developing cancer of the cervix!

Effective treatment for ON CLINIC

In order to effectively treat first, you need to carefully diagnose and correct the cause of the disease — inflammation. Secondly, to remove the modified cervical tissue. Third, to stimulate the recovery processes.

The choice of treatment depends on the length, shape and nature of the disease, and that if a woman is planning a pregnancy.

Gynecology department ON CLINIC has a powerful diagnostic and treatment capabilities, the team of highly qualified doctors with years of experience applying proven methods of treatment.

To determine the treatment strategy gynecologist ON CLINIC appoint the necessary examination: onkotsitologichesky smear, extended colposcopy, for infection, take a biopsy of the cervix and hold histology.

Diagnostic facilities ON CLINIC reveals viruses of onkoopasnost virus (genital herpes and HPV), a high-precision PCR for 1 day.

Why not do without?

On the basis of the diagnostic data gynecologist ON CLINIC appoints complex treatment in order to remove the cause of the inflammatory process. After that, remove the erosion of modern hardware techniques (cauterizing).

Moxibustion erosion ON CLINIC is carried out using various modern methods of safe and effective for the treatment of cervical cancer.

The most demanded by advanced technology of radio frequency treatment that is carried out using an innovative device "Surgitron." This method avoids the erosion of bloodshed and without scarring. Thus there is minimal damage to soft tissue and a significant reduction of pain. This is the preferred method of treatment of women planning to give birth.

After the therapeutic intervention woman is under the patronage of the attending gynecologist ON CLINIC, in a comfortable hospital.

Most importantly — remember that the earlier a woman to see a doctor, the better the doctor can help her: keep your health, the ability to be a mother and to have healthy children!

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