EU on Titan can live bacteria




Specialists involved in deciphering the data sent by the lander Huygens, argue that the chance of having a modern life on Titan — exists.

As we mentioned, methane plays a huge role in the circulation of substances on Titan. Methane clouds and fog, methane rivers and lakes, methane keys — determine the weather and geology of this large moon.

However, the UV would destroy all of the methane in the satellite in just 10 million years old, if it was not the source of it (methane) replenishment.

It can be various geological processes which are well consistent with the model Titan. And yet, "We can not say that there is absolutely no chance for life," — said one of the scientists Huygens mission Dr. Francois Rolin (Francois Raulin).

The fact that computer models predict the existence of a vast ocean of water on Titan, hidden at a depth of 300 kilometers under the surface of the satellite.

This ocean hypothetically consists of liquid water with the addition of 15% ammonia. Its temperature is not as devastating as on the surface — minus 80 degrees Celsius.

If the bacteria that produce methane, occupied the "ecological niche", scientists will be able to detect them by the ratio of carbon isotopes (carbon-12 and carbon-13) in the chemical composition of the planet.

The fact that the substances produced by biological and non-biological processes that have a different ratio of these isotopes.

This calculation can be done on the information sent from the probe, and it will be produced.

Battery News, 25.01.2005 18:14

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