Europe offers the most powerful earthquake of 7.5 points

In Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands could be 7-7.5 earthquake on the Richter scale and the possible catastrophic consequences, such as the earthquake in Haiti in early 2010. The question is when will it happen?

The earthquake, which occurred in the Netherlands, it was nothing compared to what lies ahead. According to geologist Ronald van Baalen (Ronald van Baalen, University of Amsterdam), this is not a question of "if" but a question of "when" a very large earthquake hit the country?

In this case, particularly affected the province of Limburg and Liège. "The eastern part of Belgium is more sensitive than other regions, because the surface of Limburg and Liege consists of solid rock. Fluctuations reach the surface faster and cause more damage. In the center and west of the clay and sand weaken vibration much better, "adds Koen Van Noten geologist from the University of KULeuven.

An earthquake can happen faster than ozhidalos.Poslednee major earthquake in our region dates back to 1692 in Bree (Bree). "The Belgian soil Bree found evidence that about 2,000 years ago, an earthquake of the same strength has bylo.S geologically it recently," says Van Baalen (Van Baalen).

"In any case, every 300/500 years, will be an earthquake of 6 to 6.5 points in our area," concludes Michel Van Camp, from the Department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

But should we be worried? Probably yes, because in the opinion of scientists, many houses, roads and businesses are not designed for such earthquakes.

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