European myth of the foundlings and link to the modern phenomenon of kidnapping UFO Baby

January 20, 2012 20:54

Woman lying in bed. Suddenly the lights went out. Suddenly she heard the door open. She quickly jumped out of bed and turned on the light. Then she saw a dwarf with a large head, who had married a her newborn baby, and instead put it in the cradle of the strange dwarf. The woman made noise, the child managed to select a gnome. Nocturnal visitor was gone, leaving the cradle of the little creature. A woman who has had plenty of milk, out of pity, she wanted to give this chest and the dwarf. But he refused the breast and died. "

Modern literary report on alien abduction? No, this is a description taken from the book of legends southern part of Lower Saxony, the Late Middle Ages. But the parallels with incidents today are striking. Today reported that:

• Such events occur mostly at night;
• for unknown reasons, the lights go out;
• figure mysteriously appear and disappear in the same way;
• they are connected to the abduction of infants (or today, usually embryos).

Reports about the actual creatures in the past dominated the type that is described as follows:

• a small increase (from 100 to a maximum of 150 cm);
• disproportionately large head;
• large black almond-shaped eyes;
• gray skin without hair.

Here, there are parallels with the case described in the Middle Ages, which are confirmed in other traditions. So, for example, speak about the city Einbeck the south of Lower Saxony: "The tower stands at the market church in Einbeck sometimes visible gray man. When the guard meets him, then pretends he does not notice. The man also does not repair his injury and even ensures that with him nothing bad happened. But the guard who mocked ugly little man, found lying at the bottom of one of the tower with a broken neck. One Sunday gray man appeared during the service at the church, located in the new part of Einbeck. Its appearance is considered an omen erupted soon after the great fire. "
Of course, this merge several medieval legends.

However, interest is the mention of "little gray men" who were "ugly" and which also attributed supernatural powers. "Thieves" with contemporary encounters with UFOs are described in much the same.

This kind of gray dwarves are related also to the myth of the "foundlings" instead of the abducted children, which was distributed throughout Central Europe, and partly outside it. In 1854, Georg Schambach said this myth as follows: "According to popular belief, manifested mainly in the legend, in return stolen beautiful human child slip ugly baby dwarf with a large head. (!) The risk of being stolen out of the cradle and replaced foundlings are more exposed to unbaptized children, making a hundred years ago, not a single child without needing to leave baptized more than three days. For the same reason, according to legend, in patients, while the child is not yet baptized, and at night to burn the candle. "

Although in modern reports of UFO abductions to the tune of "foundling" appears in a somewhat modified form, in principle, it can be reduced to the same elements. Today, according to the women victims, from the womb of the mother take children (or rather, embryos) at the age of one to three months after this woman previously had been artificially inseminated. Such children, of this cross, supposedly half-men, half-"aliens", that is, they have, for example, a disproportionately large head and eyes. Obviously, this is — adapted to the current understanding of the version of the same myth.

In medieval legends in connection with the abduction of children rarely talk about the flying objects, but today there is not necessarily a UFO, at least it can not be observed. However, in the same context as the tales of foundlings instead kidnapped babies, I found an interesting legend about the "steel birds":

"Heron — big and strong bird that flies only at night. It is also called the iron bird, because her iron feathers, which she scored the death of those close to her. She has a great voice, and it flies very fast. Just heard it close, but a moment later she heard, perhaps, an hour's drive away. "

All this does not seem so much an ordinary bird, but on the plane, moving at high speed through the air. Certainly, this is an interesting story to support the assumptions about the activity of the mind and an alien in medieval Europe.
In connection with the myth of a foundling widespread tradition of the "eggshell". In it interesting are two things: First, these "dwarf beings' life, apparently much more than we, the people, and secondly, they inexplicably" connected "with us humans. The same claim today, many of kidnap, eg American author Whitley Strayber.

One version of the legend exist in Moring: "Once parents put their children at the door, and had gone away. When they returned in the evening, the child was not his place sat a little ugly dwarf with a large head. Parents asked him where he came from, but he did not answer. And then he did not say a word. Then the old man told his wife that she started a children's game and tried to make a gnome so to speak. His wife went to the kitchen and began to brew beer. Then there sent a gnome to bring her husband to fire the tube. When he went to the kitchen, my wife just poured beer in eggshells.

Seeing this, the dwarf said. "I have lived so much, — he said — how much is the Thuringian Forest, and never in my life seen that women brewed beer in eggshells" then the wife called her husband and told him to say these words the dwarf again, but he did not say. Since it is often pounding, but he remained there. Finally he put the door. Then the other dwarves led him back and back of the child. He plaintively said that it is often bashed gnomes. When the little gnome pounding people, the gnomes are always banging the child. "

Folk legends like this, telling of "ugly, gray, big-dwarfs," the "stolen children" and the "fast steel birds" obviously have a real basis. Then, as now, people were doing the same conclusions, but we have all seen in a very specific social and cultural context. It stops us understand and classify messages. But the one who will try to thoroughly explore the legends, can — as I have tried to show here — to come to interesting results.

The phenomenon of "abduction" alien mind haunts us with the dawn of history, and today it is relevant as well as thousands of years ago. When we begin to understand this?

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