Even today, 27 April

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


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Do not pass:

Minsk, October district court. Criminal cases Homichenko Vladimir, Dmitri Drozd, Ales Kirkevich, Andrew Protasenya and Pavel Vinogradov. Judge Alla Bulash.

Beginning at 11.00.

Minsk, the court Partyzansky. Criminal cases of Andrei Sannikov (Part 1 of Art. 293 of the Criminal Code, the organization of mass disorders), Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Theodore and Vladimir Mirzayanava Eremenko. Judge Natalia Chatsvertakova.

Beginning at 10.00.

Minsk, Moscow district court. Criminal cases Dmitry Doronin, Sergei Kazakov, Vladimir Loban, Vitaly Matsukevich, Eugene secret Oleg Fedorkevichey (Part 2 of Article 293, riots). Judge Elena Shilko.

Beginning at 10.00.

Minsk club "Reactor". Concert presentation album "Zhnyuv."

Beginning at 19.00.

Minsk, a concert hall "Minsk" (small stage). Concert of ethno-trio "Trinity."

Beginning at 19.00.


Sevl, the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in South Korea.

Stockholm, the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's visit to Sweden.

Beijing, China-US talks on the issue of human rights.

Astana, the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries.


1622: During the Thirty Years' War battle took place at Vislase.

1799: Army of Alexander Suvorov during the Italian campaign wins the French army on the River of Hell.

1919: The Polish troops occupied Grodno.

1940: The Nazis established the Auschwitz concentration camp.

1945: The Belarus signs the founding states of the UN.


1494: Magnificent Suleiman I, the Ottoman Sultan (1520-1560), in which the Ottoman Empire reached its greatest territorial size and power.

1782: Nicolo Paganini, Italian violinist and virtuoso guitarist and composer.

1878: Stanislav Lubicz-Majewski, the Belarusian public and cultural figure and teacher.


1353: Simon Proud Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of Vladimir (b. 1317).

1521: Fernan Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who made the first voyage krugasvetnae (born ~ 1480).

1584: Nicholas Radziwill Auburn, military, political, religious and social activist of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (b. 1512).

1900 Frantisek Bogushevich, the Belarusian public figure, one of the pioneers of the new Belarusian literature (b. 1840).

1953 Ivan Solonevich, the Russian monarchist, thinker, journalist and social activist, born in Grodno province (b. 1891).

1988 Vytautas Tumashev, the Belarusian public figure, skarynaznavtsa (b. 1910).

1998: Carlos Kastaneda, writer (b. 1925).

2007: Mstislav Rostropovich, the outstanding viyalyanchelist, conductor and human rights activist (b. 1927).

There is a reason:

Slovenia: The day of national resistance.

Sierra Leone, Togo's Independence Day.

South Africa Freedom Day.

MINUS 365:

Lessons "Chernobyl Way"

Quote to remember:

Do not leave the same language of our Belarusian to die.

Frantisek Bogushevich

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