Even today, April 29


Cloud …

…occasional rain. Low: 9 — 18 Celsius.

In the spotlight:

In Minsk district courts continue trials former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and other members of the Square.

Do not pass:

Concert "Heroes of perspectives." Metro Station Academy of Sciences, ul. Khmelnitsky, 9, National Technical University housing 11a (Fitr), conference hall, 2nd floor, beginning at 19.00. Performances by Kasia Kamotskaya, Tatiana Bilonog, Roman Jarosz.


Prince William will marry in London.

Belarus hockey match-Canada in Kosice (Slovakia) in the championship of the world.


In 1951, the Austrian philosopher Ludwig died Vitgenshtayn (b. 1889).

In 1975, the last U.S. forces left Vietnam, evacuated from Saigon in airplanes and helicopters.

In 1980 died British and American film director Alfred Hitchcock, known for his movie-thriller (b. 1899).

There is a reason:

International Dance Day.

MINUS 365:

Erwin Roth, "Lukashenko played in casinos."

Quote to remember:

"I do not know, for what we got here, but I'm pretty sure that is not to be entertained."

Ludwig Vitgenshtayn

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