Even today, June 15


Rain …

…and gusty winds. Temperature: 13-21.

Do not pass:

In a bookstore, "Loginov" will be awarded the prize of the magazine "rogues" for the best literary translation, published in 2010. Presentation will be held in three categories: prose, poetry, published in the journal "crooks." Beginning at 19.00.


Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Astana.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin speaks at a session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva.


In 1831 was born Vintses Karatynski (d. 1891), the Belarusian-Polish writer and translator.

In 1843 was born Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (d. 1907).

In 1979 was born Yuliya Nesterenko, a Belarusian athlete, Olympic champion in the 100-meter dash (Athens 2004; result — 10.93 sec.).

In 1992 died Lev Gumilev (born 1912), Soviet and Russian etnolyag, historian and poet.

There is a reason:

National Salvation Day of Azerbaijan.

Day of the Armenian flag.

MINUS 365:

To study music in Prague? It's possible.

Quote to remember:

"I know one thing, and I tell you in confidence that if Russia will be saved, it is only as a Eurasian state, and only through Eurasianism."

Lev Gumilev

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