Exorcism — the expulsion of demons

February 23, 2012 2:36

Exorcism rite called the expulsion of demons, supposedly inspiring in person. This ceremony is very ancient and diverse. It is mentioned in the Bible, which tells of how David playing the lyre exorcise the demons, inspiring King Saul. Not once ever cast out demons out of people to Jesus Christ and his disciples.

EPIDEMIC obsession

In medieval Europe, there is a real epidemic of obsession. For example, in 1631, one such epidemic broke out in a small French town Ludene. Blushing in tamoshnem Ursuline convent, it spread to the citizens, and then spread through the neighborhood, taking and the nearby town of Chinon.

Dear wife and mother began to be recognized in the confessional, that under the influence of demons attend Sabbath and kiss the devil's ass at night copulate with incubi, and a day by the evil spell depriving virtuous young man's power to ruin their wedding night.

With demons, makes respectable women convulsing, writhing snakes, dirty curse and reject God, desperately fought several monks, exorcists, were recruited for this noble mission to Luden from all over France. Exorcists fought the demons and the word of God, and afflicted by flogging, and even trampled them to drive out demons.

However, dark forces were stronger. One of the exorcists, Father Laktans, knocked out of the hands of the priest crucified, who came to Holy Communion, and immediately after that he died. His colleagues announced that Laktansa killed Satan.

Another exorcist, Father Tranquille, he fell under the power of evil spirits. He was rolling on the floor, cursing, sticks out his tongue, hissing, barking, neighing. Eyewitnesses wrote: "He taketh out of myself so smelly substance, that the room is over saturated with the stench." When dying Exorcist became communion before going to the other world, the demons of Trankvilya jumped into another monk, kneeling beside the bed. Obsessed fell into such a frenzy that a half-dozen Capuchin could hardly hold him when he was trying to kick down agonizing Father Tranquille.

Most pious of exorcists, a Jesuit monk Jean-Joseph Suren demons brought to the fact that he jumped out of the window.

Dangerous occupation

In general, exercise exorcism was not only extremely difficult, but dangerous. But not everywhere. Whether the demons in Europe were more malicious than in Russia, or the Russian exorcists steeper western. It is known that St. John of Kronstadt, drove out demons, without any frills. He just told them sternly, "Come out!" — And they obediently left the human form.

Fighting continued possession and in more recent times. Fame was the story of the expulsion of the devil in the mission school, Marian Hill Ouder Uzminte in South Africa from 16-year-old girl named Clara Herman tselee in 1906. The ritual of exorcism over sudden levitation Clara, who in front of at least 170 witnesses in the church lifted up into the air. Several people, seizing her by the legs, tried to drop down, but they did not work. Yet the priests — the father and the father of Erasmus Mansuet — managed to defeat the devil. The outcome of the girl's body was marked by a terrible stench and a loud sound like a bell, from which shook the window frames.

As the struggle with evil spirits is brutal, exorcists no bones in the choice of means. For example, it is recommended strongly denounce demon entrenched in human form, to call him a pig, mangy mangy dog, bloated toad or turn to God with a request that he drove him to hammer a nail into the skull. Very effective spanking is obsessed. In recent years, many countries have increasingly turned to drive away evil spirits with water, much like a medieval water torture, and exorcism shock, which also resembles the modern form of torture.

However, it should be recognized that the demons by the numerical superiority and mobility, while trump exorcists. To confirm this, you can give an example. According to experts, in Italy, there are about 300 official exorcists. However, they can not protect them from evil spirits, even the holy saints of the Catholic Church — Vatican.

Main fighter against demons, the priest Gabriele Amorth, an exorcist of the Roman diocese and founder of the International Association of Exorcists, explains most of the machinations of the devil unsightly scandalous stories recently that were involved fathers of the Roman Church. Most of these stories have been linked to high-ranking clerics showing love to the boys.

Gabriele Amorth explained obsession and motives of the Swiss Guard Corporal Cedric Torneo, when in 1998 he shot the head of the Vatican's Swiss Guard, Colonel Alois Estermann and his wife. Since Tornay after the crime committed suicide, the motives of his crime remains unclear. The more so because it loomed ahead rather rosy future with a decent pension. But if you imagine that Cedric was really obsessed, the offense appears a mystical sense. He not only killed his commander, and the man who in 1981 with his body obscured by bullets pontiff Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca.


In Russia, too, the scandals happen in church circles, but no one explains their obsession. Russia has actually own way. Important role even in the rites of exorcism play the authorities. An example is the following story.

In 1925, a peasant from the village of Khrapov Teplovka Serdobsk county appealed to the district Skobelev with an unusual request. He wanted the district his power made him a neighbor Mishina conduct an exorcism.

It all started with the fact that somehow Khrapov Mishin seriously quarreled. And soon after that Khrapova seriously ill wife and a cow. Since Mishina grandfather was a wizard, then the villagers not doubt that this old grandson passed his secrets, and he put a spell on a neighbor woman and a cow. Snores realized that there is nothing — with the evil spirit, he can not cope. He took a bottle of vodka and went to Misha tolerated. Of moonshine he did not give up, but to expel demons from women and cows flatly refused, and even laughed at superstition Khrapova.

Not knowing what else to do, snoring, as a last resort, went to the police. The district Skobelev heeded trouble Khrapova unfortunates. But first decided to check it out and went to his home. Indeed, in a peasant's house rushed in delirium wife, and in a stable cow lowed piteously.

Skobelev summoned villagers and publicly ordered Mishin remove damage. He grumbled, but resist to authorities dared not, therefore, referring to the ratchet, said: "I forgive you and I take back the demons!" Implementation of the rite of exorcism and the phrase Mishina were formally recorded precinct. And how on earth could it be that even before the end of the day being a wife and a cow Khrapova noticeably improved.


That's just sad that in recent years in Russia and then there are reports of people killed in the rites of exorcism. In this regard, charlatans of exorcism look even less dangerous than professional wrestlers with evil spirits. Those least cause damage purse, not health. In Russia, street charlatan exorcism foraged gypsy. But far more resourceful crooks were in the Land of the Rising Sun.

January 22, 2003 in Japan detained a group of speculators, exorcists. Led this gang of crooks, 55, a resident of the Kamakura Syuniti Miyazaki.

Cheating people Miyazaki and his men, most of them women, have put on stream. They get up in the tennis suits, took up tennis shoes or covers of the violin, because they believed that in this way will be more credible their victims. And then stopped passersby in Tokyo Station Yokohama, Kawasaki and Shimbashi and begin processing them.

John of Kronstadt

Fun with passersby reported various horror stories. For example, says: "In the back of your mind steals a dead woman, who throws a tie-up around your neck," or "The Spirit of the dead man with the legs spread clings to your waist." If people are following the news of panic, Miyazaki with companions offered his services to perform the rite of exorcism.

Those who agreed, brought to his "House of Prayer", located in the mountains near the station Kitakamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, where they were further processed. To the sound of Buddhist sutras Miyazaki with crystal ball take off the dead spirits from the neck or waist of the living. Exorcism treated obsessed Japanese and Japanese living in a decent amount of 30 thousand to 1 million yen.

However, as they say, money is not a paradise vedesh. Therefore, in order to save his soul to people any money do not mind.

Saint John of Kronstadt drove out demons, without any frills. He just told them sternly, "Come out!" — And they obediently left the human form.
Oleg Loginov

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