Exotic infections

Exotic infection.  Collage MedPortal.ru

As a rule, referred to as exotic as infectious diseases, pathogens which are found in the countries of the "old world" (Western, Eastern Europe, etc.).

Important when dealing with such infections are the two points. First, the immune system is a resident of the countries in the majority of cases it is not prepared to meet with exotic pathogens. This can be expressed in a more severe disease than the local residents. Secondly,if the first signs of infection appear some time after returning from a trip, then, since many doctors do not often (ever) not encountered such infections, a correct diagnosis and effective treatment can be difficult for them.

If you are going to visit you far from the usual country of the region, it is necessary to take a series of preventive measures:

  • issue an insurance policy in order to secure medical assistance if necessary (it will help not only in infectious diseases, but also for other force majeure associated with the deterioration of health);
  • find the list of communicable diseases that are most common in the area where you are going;
  • find the description of these infections, their symptoms and take preventive measures (best to be vaccinated, if applicable).

At the first suspicious symptoms, contact your doctor. Ifhealth worsened already on his return home, be sure to tell the doctor about a trip to an exotic country.

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